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The Top Secret Trick to Taming Unruly Hair

    Conditioner is often heralded as a lifesaver for people with thick, frizzy, or otherwise unruly or uncooperative hair.  As someone who has been told countless times by hairdressers how thick my hair is and who has to buy special hair ties online because regular ones just end up snapping, for years I slathered my hair with conditioner every time I showered.  I thought that the “use a dime-sized amount” suggestion on the back of the bottles was a big joke, because I needed way more than that.


Well, plot twist: it turns out that conditioner doesn’t work for all hair types.  I have what you might describe as “slippery” hair--the kind that’s prone to little wispy hairs and falling out of a ponytail within two hours.  Are you ready for another plot twist? Conditioner doesn’t detangle your hair, it makes it slippery.

So for years, I’ve been trying to combat my hair issues and was only making it worse!

At the suggestion of my mom, I decided to do the unthinkable and try forgoing conditioner entirely in the shower, instead opting for leave-in hair cream to smooth my hair out.  The result? My hair is now smoother and softer than it has been in ages. I’ve yet to figure out a solution for my frizz, but I’m sure that will come with time.

    I write this not to try to convince you to swear off conditioner entirely, but to remind you that everyone’s hair is different and to consider if the issues are having with your hair may not be a result of what you’re not doing, but what you are doing.  Sometimes, seemingly innocuous things can cause issues.

Cristina is a senior elementary education major at Lasell. She loves black labs, iced coffee, and reviewing every product that she has ever purchased.  When she's not freaking out about how many lesson plans that she has to write, she can usually be found with her nose in a historical fiction novel, listening to a true crime podcast, or taking pictures.
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