Top Five Club Penguin Memories

Recently it was announced that Club Penguin will be shutting down its website on March 29 to focus on a new mobile app called Club Penguin Island, which will launch on the same day. While it appears that the app will be just like the site with a couple of additional features, us O.G Penguins know nothing will ever come close to the original website. Let’s look back on all the things that made Club Penguin great.


  • Special Events = Free Clothing and Accessories:

In the early days of Club Penguin, only members could buy clothing for their penguin. Membership was expensive and most parents were not fans of spending their hard-earned money on cartoon clothing for virtual penguins. Luckily Club Penguin often had special events nearly every month where users could build a stylish and diverse wardrobe without spending a dime.


  • Abusing the Free Chat Feature:

Most of Club Penguin’s users were preteens who were just starting to get a taste of online independence. Nothing was more tempting that the free chat option and the ability to type absolutely anything. Many users wanted to see what they could get away with before they got banned (hint: it wasn’t much). Then they had to sit and face the consequences while they were locked out of their account.


  • Becoming a Secret Agent:

Becoming a secret agent was one of the most sought after jobs on Club Penguin. Only the most intelligent penguins who passed an online safety quiz got the job. Not only did users vow to follow the rules and keep the rest of Club Penguin safe, but they also got to participate in secret missions. In these missions you had to prevent Herbert P. Bear from turning snowy Club Penguin into a hot island paradise.  


  • The Candy Pizza Looked Delicious:

Without a doubt Pizzatron3000 was the best game on Club Penguin. What made it even better was that before users started the game you could pull the red lever on the left and turn it into the Candytron3000. On the Candytron3000 you could make pizzas with chocolate fudge, pink icing, sprinkles, licorice, chocolate chips, jelly beans and marshmallows. Yum. It was every candy lovers’ dream meal.


  • The Iceberg Urban Legend:

For as long as there has been Club Penguin there has been a rumor that if enough penguins are on the iceberg it will tip. From dancing to jackhammers, users tried it all but never succeeded. Now during Club Penguin’s final party if at least five penguins are wearing blue, jackhammering, or walking a blue puffle the iceberg will actually tip!