The Top 10 Gossip Girl Moments

The “Gossip Girl” 10th anniversary recently came and went, and one can’t help but reminisce the amazing show following the Upper East Side’s own teenage socialites—and of course the Upper East Side’s very own Chuck Bass.  The show, which aired in early Sept. 2007, had seen six seasons until it ended mid Dec. 2012.  Within these five years of airing there were some pretty badass, OMG, and ‘did they really just go there?’ moments.  The top 10, in my opinion, are as follows:

10. The Hilary Duff threesome

This was one of those, ‘did they really just go there?’ moments, so of course it had to make it into the top ten.  Hilary Duff, who guest starred as actress Olivia Burke, had a thing with Dan, and Dan couldn’t choose between liking her or liking his best friend Vanessa, so, as one does, he decided he didn’t have to decide.  Of course, as the episode later revealed, it didn’t end up happy for anyone.

9. Dan becomes a daddy

Remember when Georgina casually came back to Brooklyn knocking on Dan’s door, baby in hand?  Yeah, it was a little hard to explain and Dan’s father didn’t take quite a liking to it either.  Luckily, it wasn’t Dan’s baby and just another scheme of G’s to get back at the group.


8. Serena and Nate’s steamy hookup

Of course to start any series off, ya gotta have a little scandal, right?  Flashbacks to before Serena left for boarding school show that Nate actually cheated on longtime girlfriend Queen B with her best friend.



7. Rufus and Lily’s whole relationship

           I personally thought it was SO cute when the series first introduced that Lily and Rufus knew each other romantically when they were younger.  To make things even better, the first loves ended up getting married.  Although in the end they just decided to be friends, the whole series of their ups and downs in the relationship made my heart melt.




6. Chuck and Blair get frisky in the back of the limo

           Innocent B in the back of a limo losing her v-card with Chuck?  In the beginning you would think it would NEVER happen, but of course it ends up being THE MOST epic love story in Gossip Girl history.


5. Serena, Peter and Cocaine?

           Probably one of the craziest moments was when Serena revealed that she had accidentally killed someone - and had the whole thing on video??  Back in Serena’s party days, her, Georgina, and this boy Peter were living it up in a hotel room when cocaine got involved and Peter had a bit too much.  It’s later revealed that Serena obviously didn’t kill him, instead it was a drug overdose, but of course, she felt guilty about just being there and somehow responsible for it.


4. Blair’s princess dream is shattered

           I was in complete shock when Prince Louis Grimaldi of Monaco ended up being a total jerk.  He married Blair and gave her the princess wedding of her dreams, and as soon as the ceremony was over, announced that he did not love her and that the marriage was just for show.



3.  Jenny Humphrey and the fashion world

           Throughout the show, we watched as little J grew up from an innocent schoolgirl to a punk princess.  Through finding herself, she took a liking to sewing.  She scored a job with Blair’s mother to work on fashion and quit several times to where she decided she was ready to go out on her own.  This guerrilla fashion show she put on at a charity event was one of my favorite moments because I just LOVE fashion.  To me, her designs were perfect and I really liked how she went out chasing what she wanted and didn’t let anyone, including her dad, stop her.



2. Blair and Chuck’s wedding

           Not gonna lie, I CRIED when Blair and Chuck had to play Bonnie and Clyde and get married to hide the secret that Chuck killed his father.  When anyone asks me what the greatest love story of all time is I’ll always answer with Chuck and Blair, hands down. The two and a handful of their family and friends gathered at the MET dressed to the nines.  There, they exchanged rushed vows and a dramatic kiss as police cars swooped in.  This definitely beat Blair’s wedding with Grimaldi in my book.



1.     SPOILER ALERT- Dan is Gossip Girl!!

I’m sure everyone throughout the whole series had their bets on who could be the mysterious Gossip Girl, and if you guessed little Lonely Boy Dan Humphrey, then you were right!  He was my last guess on who it could be so the ending was ultimately very shocking. And how did the gang react to Dan exposing all of his friend’s secrets, hookups, and personal stories?  They were surprisingly okay with it.



And as the famous last words ring, “You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl.”