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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

With Halloween around the corner and the Fall season in full swing, I’ve been thinking of being back home in New Jersey. Every year, my mom would take my sibling and me to Alstede Farms. We would take a hayride down to the patches, and pick our own apples, peaches, pumpkins, and even corn! A trip to the farm was incomplete without stopping at the fresh market. I’ve been living in Massachusetts for some time now, but still, I thought to myself, are there even any farms around here? As an out-of-state student, it’s still odd to be so close to a major city like Boston. In an attempt to feel more at home, I took some time to research farms in the surrounding areas. Through this, I found various farms with all kinds of Fall activities. Here are three places I think you should visit to get your Fall on!

Honey Pot Hill Orchards

First up is a hotspot for Fall fun called Honey Pot Hill Orchards, which has been a family business for four generations. A car ride from Lasell of about 30 minutes will lead you to the town of Stow. This farm spans over a grand 186 acres. Throughout this property, you will see patches of crops and fruits, some farm animals, and their Farm Store. The orchard’s most popular stops include the apple and peach trees, which sound irresistible to me. In my opinion, this Fall stop mainly focuses on products such as baked goods and homemade jellies. They also offer various kinds of honey, fruit preserves, and their new apple salsa. In addition to these yummy treats, Honey Pot Hill Orchards freshly presses their apple cider every week. Once you’ve gotten your goodies, you can hop on the hayride that is offered daily. It only costs two dollars a person! A steal. On top of this, Honey Pot Hill Orchards has three corn mazes to choose from. They each vary in price, but all appear to be exciting challenges for all crowds. Honey Pot Hill’s website does reveal that their animals are not for petting. This was a bit of a bummer to me, but it’s always lovely to see some ponies trotting around. A visit to Honey Pot Hill Orchards is a simple and lovely way to get into this Fall season. 

Ward’s Berry Farm

Next in line is a 20-minute drive to a town called Sharon where you will find Ward’s Berry Farm. Just to name a few, Ward’s grows their own pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and carrots during the fall season. On the farm, you can also find their fresh market with various homemade merchandise like cheese, jams, bread, and fun smoothies. If you get the opportunity to visit Ward’s be sure to check out their smoothie and sandwich bars. In my opinion, Ward’s has the most diverse attractions compared to other farms in the area. Instead of the usual farm animals, there are only pigs that have been born and raised on the property. Ward’s also puts on a weekend hayride that stops at all available pick-your-own fields. Additionally, their corn maze is open every day where you can sometimes spot piglets! But, the most unique element about Ward’s Berry Farm is their Bouncy Pillow. It’s a huge setup that almost looks like the floor of a bouncy house. I don’t know about you, but I would pay the five dollars per half hour to jump for joy on that. When you’re finally on your way out, stop at the Hay Pile and gracefully climb your way to the top. Strike a quirky pose, and make the most of this sweet-filled farm.

Hanson’s Farm

Last, but certainly not least is Hanson’s Farm. This gorgeous farm in Framingham is also family-owned and has been for five generations. Just 25 minutes from Lasell, the 52-acre farmland has much to provide for people of all ages. Trees surround the property and accentuate the vast acreage of freshly grown corn, pumpkins, and squash. Hanson’s website also mentions that they stock their market with fruits from surrounding New England farms. Some of these delicious delights include peaches, apples, and fresh apple cider. Recently, the family-owned business themselves started baking fresh cider donuts on-site. Some other attractions Hanson’s Farm offers are hayrides, a corn maze, and a pumpkin patch spread throughout 4.5 acres. Another attraction that I think is essential to the Fall season is the animals. You can visit (and pet!) their cow, sheep, horses, and chickens. Yes, you read that correctly, chickens. As if it couldn’t get better, Hanson’s has an ice cream truck called the Moo Bus. This cow-patterned bus sells over 15 different ice cream flavors, sorbets, and even frozen yogurt. If you do visit the Moo Bus, be sure to try out their Donut Sundae. It’s two scoops of ice cream topped with a homemade cider donut, caramel, and your choice of whipped cream and cherry. There is so much yumminess here and you can’t miss out!

There is no doubt that Fall is nothing without some hayrides, pumpkin picking, and fresh apple cider. Whether you’re far from home or just a few miles away, it’s necessary to embrace the Fall season and all the joy its festivities have to offer. Even if it’s only piglets and a corn maze!

Hey There! My name is Mandy Brochhausen, and I am a Sophomore at Lasell University. I am a club editor, and I also work with the Marketing and Events teams. I'm majoring in English with a double minor in Creative Writing and Communications. I'm from Rockaway, New Jersey, and I love cats!