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Three Gorgeous Parks in the Greater Boston Area You Need to Visit

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

Finding green space in a city can be difficult. If you’ve moved to a more metropolitan area from a rural destination (like me), you’re probably itching to sink your feet in some grass and touch the rough bark of a tree. Maybe you’re a lifelong city dweller looking to connect with their quiet side. No matter the motive, communal parks are essential to well-being. I’ve had the luck to explore some beautiful parks around Boston in the last few weeks, and have the perfect spots for your next hike or picnic.

Middlesex Fells Reservation

If you’re native to the Boston area, you might be annoyed that I’m mentioning this place. Julia, I hear you saying, everybody knows this place. However, I would let you know that despite living in Newton for three years I just discovered this place. I’m so glad I did. Located in Stoneham, this reservation spans over 2,000 acres and is heaven for any nature enjoyer or avid hiker. Beautiful paths span through forests and even across a lake. You can even rent kayaks and go out on the water! If you visit, make sure to check out Wright’s Tower, a landmark of the reservation. Many programs such as guided hikes or forestry days are held here, so be sure to check out what’s happening around the area!

Torbert McDonald State Park

Only a short drive away from the Fells, but closer to Boston, is Torbert McDonald State Park. Situated along the Mystic River, this park is full of sprawling green lawns and tall trees. This is the perfect spot to bring a blanket and set up a picnic. Activity-wise, this park is best for lawn activities, walking, and biking. There’s plenty of bird watching to be done along the river, and there is no shortage of geese and Mallards. And believe me, there is a willow tree that will take your breath away. In the more wooded side of the park, I recommend staying on the paved path for safety. 

Fresh Pond Reservation 

Located in Cambridge, Fresh Pond Reservation is a stunning walk around a gorgeous lake. The best activities around here include biking, walking, and picnicking. I’ll admit I haven’t made a full loop around the lake yet, but what I have seen has been beautiful. The path around the lake is mostly covered by trees, making it a stunning walk in the summer and fall. If you’re a dog lover, this park is for you. Dogs can be walked on or off leash here, and there is a wonderful abundance of happy puppies. My favorite parts of this park (besides the dogs), are the multiple community gardens. People clearly put a lot of effort into them and you can find some amazing flowers, fruits, and vegetables. 

Before the harsh New England winter traps us all inside, make sure you get out and enjoy some of the beautiful natural spaces around Boston.

Julia LaPlante is the Vice President and Editor-In-Chief of Her Campus Lasell. She oversees and assissts and E and S boards as well as the copy editing team. Away from Her Campus, Julia is a senior English major at Lasell. She works at Lasell's library as she studies towards her Masters in Library and Information Science. In her free time, Julia enjoys reading gothic literature, watching nerdy television shows, and walking in nature. Julia deeply believes in the importantce of mindfulness and chocolate to ones attitude.