These New Art Exhibits at the MFA are Perfect for Your Next Weekend in Boston

Boston is home to some of the best museums.  A personal favorite is the Museum of Fine Arts, which houses close to nearly 500,000 works of art in the realms of ancient Egyptian, contemporary, Middle Eastern, special exhibitions, innovative educational programs, and so much more.  As such a powerful and well-known museum, the MFA constantly finds itself expanding and evolving, which means changing out exhibits every few months and bringing in highly sought after exhibitions.  These are the new exhibits you need to check out during your next weekend commute into the city.  

Read My Lips

Read My Lips is an exhibit all about exploring the female voice through contemporary video.  The works by Patty Chang and Marilyn Minter show the female voice “where it’s accepted and how it’s suppressed, its treatment as simultaneously alluring and repulsive, and its relationship to the body.”  Most of the videos explore the element of grotesque and blur the line between desire and disgust. This exhibit is on display until May 4th. 

Reimagining Home 

This exhibition features work by photographers Bahman Jalali and Gohar Dashti.  The artists’ mix memory into history by blurring the boundaries between what’s real and what’s fake.  It can be described as “incorporating surreal, fictive elements powered by their imaginations into their work, as a response to the political, social, and cultural changes they witnessed” as Iranians.  It is on display until July 12.

Contemporary Art: Five Propositions

The Contemporary Wing at the MFA is one of the most well-known assets in the museum.  Recently, they have looked at what shapes the stories they are able to tell throughout their collection.  These new groupings are said to address topics including artistic process, complex relationships between humans and the natural world, the body, materials, identity, and notions of utopia.  This collection is on display until May 4th.