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Are you looking for something new to read this season? I made a goal for myself in January to read a book a month this year and I have been sticking to it. Here is a list of my top favorite ones I have read so far this year. 

  1. Will 

Will is an autobiography about Will Smith with help from Mark Manson. I found this to be beautifully written and extremely inspiring. Will is actually the first book I have ever fully annotated and taken notes in. It starts out telling a story from his childhood, and the book goes through many experiences in his life that have led him to where he is now. I found many of his stories interesting and I could not put this book down. I think I finished it in about a week over the summer because the way it is written keeps you wanting to learn more. I learned a lot from this book about self-development and growth. 

  1. Where the Crawdads Sing 

I read this book because I heard everyone else raving about it and I really wanted to know what all the hype was about. Well, this read was well worth the good reviews it was getting while at its most popular. The story often kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what turn it was going to take. It was a very well-rounded book and I believe the author ended it well. There weren’t really any loose ties where I was left unsure. I loved the sense of mystery that it led to in the end. 

  1. If He Had Been With Me 

I am an emotional person but it is harder for me to cry for a book than for a movie. However this story opened the floodgates and by the end, I was a mess. I am extremely excited for the sequel to this book, If Only I Had Told Her. If you do not enjoy tearjerkers, this book may not be for you, but I believe it has a beautiful storyline. Another aspect of this book that I thoroughly enjoyed was how real the characters are. It is hard to find a book about teenagers where they are portrayed the way actual teenagers are. I think that was another main reason why I enjoyed it so much because the characters did not seem forced.

  1. And Then She Was Gone 

This book is perfect for the Halloween season, or if you are a lover of mysteries, this is good for any day. I am sometimes picky about what types of mystery books I read because I can get bored with the repetition. However this book is always turning corners, and I was happy that it was not a basic mystery with lots of the same aspects as other mystery novels. I was surprised and intrigued by the ending. It was a super fast read, so if you are looking for something easy yet entertaining, this may be the book for you. 

  1. Crier’s War 

Lastly, Crier’s War is the most recent book I have completed. I have to admit that my guilty pleasure is fantasy, so I love a good book that includes things that are not real in our own lives. I will be honest, it was a bit slow getting into it, however, it has an amazing storyline and character development once you get sucked in. Another part about this book is that it includes LGBTQ+ characters, but not in a cringy rom-com way. As soon as I finished this first book I started the second of this two-part series. 

If you have been struggling to pick up a book recently, one of these might help to get back into reading. I am excited for the next books I have planned to read and I hope that you consider reading some from this list!

Hello! My name is Olivia Prisco and I am a Psychology Major at Lasell University in the class of 2026. I am from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and I enjoy writing, playing tennis, and watching comedies. I am excited to be a part of the HER Campus community.