These Are the Reasons to Cherish Your College BFFs

You go your whole life with essentially the same friends. You all go to school together, or you live down the street, or you are on the same team. When you go to college, suddenly, all of the people you’ve lived your life with and relied on for the past 18 years are gone. You are thrown into a new school, and a whole new life, and that includes all new people. I remember being the only person from my school who came to Lasell, and I was so worried about making new friendships and being away from everything I knew. I was amazed about how quickly I was able to make friends, and now I have an amazing group of friends, and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Here are some reasons why it is important to have and cherish the friendships you make in college, some of which may be even more special than the friendships you already knew. 

Everyone is just as nervous as you!

I remember meeting my best friend from Lasell. I walked into my first class on the first day and her and I were the only ones in the classroom. But, we both knew how important it was to introduce yourself, so we said hello and talked for a little while, and now we are roommates and have a great friendship. College can be overwhelming, so introducing yourself and opening yourself up to new friendships can create great opportunities. 

You are able to get a better experience of the world 

I come from a very small town. Many people in my town live there their whole life, so sometimes, we have similar experiences. When we get to college, we meet many people with many different backgrounds and views. This helps us to learn that there are many ideas and ways of the world we have not yet experienced, but will open our eyes to the fact that the world is way more than just us and our ideas. 

These are friendships you will never forget 

The friends you meet in college are the ones you will make crazy memories with. They will be with you when you need to pull an all-nighter and will be by your side the first time you go to the bar. They are going to understand and know you probably better than you know yourself and will be able to help you through your problems. 

These friendships are lifelong and you and your friends will create memories you will never forget.