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The Truth About Being a Picky Eater at Lasell

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

As expected, being a picky eater in college comes with a list of challenges. However, being on a small campus can make these challenges just a little bit worse. At Lasell, I would say that there is already an amount of heat surrounding the dining hall or just the food in general. For the record, I want to highlight THE dining hall, only one. We aren’t lucky like the bigger campuses that have more than one place to dine. Sure we have other food options on campus, but they are limited as the hours are short and the food choices are limited.

Looking a little more into the food options aside from Valentine Dining Hall, we have the Take-3 option and 1851. Both of these are decent options to many. The Take-3 option is not my personal favorite as a picky eater just because of the options they do have that I would not particularly enjoy eating. Such as cold sandwiches, salads,  and Uncrustables. They have some snack options as well as a variety of drink options. As a picky eater who worries about everything possibly making them sick, this is probably my last choice– unless I absolutely have to eat at that moment. Then we have 1851, which is probably my favorite food option on campus. There are more options that are more fitting for people who are pickier eaters. I can go there and get hot food that usually tastes pretty good. My only issue is that it is not open for very long as they close at 2 pm. As someone who likes to eat with enough time, I usually do not have enough time to go to 1851.

My issue with our dining hall is that the options are very limited in the way that if you are a picky eater you will likely end up eating the same thing every day. Even with that sometimes the safest options tend to have issues such as they taste off, or they look undercooked/are undercooked. When they have a good night, the food is pretty decent, but there are no options on some of the worst nights. Another thing that bothers me is that people who do have eating restrictions, such as allergies, or if they do not eat meat there are even fewer options for things they can eat. Sure there are options for everyone but it tends to still be very few.

This is the reason I tend to bring things that I can eat in my dorm to avoid going to the dining hall or other food options as much as possible.

Carley Ellis

Lasell '26

Carley is a member and events director of HerCampus, she is a forensic science major in her sophomore year at Lasell University. She is also a member of other clubs on campus such as the Forensic Science Association. In her spare time she likes to read, play video games, and pick up new hobbies such as doing her own nails.