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Humans are social creatures. It’s a very common saying that I think many people do not know the deeper meaning of. We enjoy communicating and sharing messages with one another with the hope that we can relate to each other. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love forgetting about all of my responsibilities and hanging out with my friends. However, I have learned to appreciate the few moments of my week when I get to be in my own company. 

Coming from a big family, I got very used to never being alone. Aloneness was something that I craved. Even as a young kid, I would find myself creating distance between the other kids and myself. I was shy, but I wasn’t complaining about having to entertain myself. I enjoyed the quiet and peace more than being included in all the activities, games, and jokes. Part of the reason why I love camping is because I feel like I can take a deep breath and it will resonate with me more when I am in the forest as opposed to sitting at home surrounded by all my distractions. 

The amount of influence that we have on each other is honestly surprising. I grant myself the time to be alone to force myself into more soul-searching thoughts and epiphanies. We deserve the time to dissect our thoughts and emotions and sit with them for a moment in time. We must honor the ability to form our own decisions and standings on certain topics. 

One resource that expertly explains the power of being alone is by Verywell Mind in their article How Important Is Alone Time for Mental Health?. I definitely recommend checking it out. 

Being alone isn’t something that should scare you or be difficult to fit into your schedule. Even just a few minutes every day to pick your head up when you are walking or to put headphones on while not actually listening to anything would do you wonders. 

I hope that you find comfort in your own company.

Megan Curley

Lasell '23

I'm a senior double-majoring in Hospitality and Event Management with a minor in Marketing. My hobbies include being obsessed with Formula 1, camping, and trying new things.