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Original photo by Quinn De Vitto

The Hair Rake Brush You Need To Buy Now

I have been seeing rake-style brushes all over social media aimed at girls with wavy, curly, and kinky hair. I was skeptical after seeing it everywhere, after all, social media also made me buy the Denman brush and Tangle Teaser style brush. But after seeing the brush for $5.99 on Amazon I knew I had to try the brush.

The main appeal of this brush is that you can adjust the width between the brush teeth. I was originally worried that it would fall apart while brushing my hair but the bar used to adjust the brush is very strong. I had never had a problem with it falling apart while brushing my hair.

The brush does a fantastic job of detangling my hair. I always had a problem with other brushes only detangling the outer layer of my hair or getting stuck in my hair. I even remember one time the head of a brush got stuck in my hair when it broke in two. It keeps my hair detangled and it doesn’t knot up right after. It was also painless to remove knots- which is a plus. This brush allows me to save so much time detangling and allows me to brush with ease. This is the best detangling brush I have ever tried.

The best part of this brush is how my hair looks after its style. The wide bristles allow my hair to clump so I no longer have stringy looking curls. I didn’t expect that this brush would be the perfect styling brush. It has seven helped my hair get more volume.

I’m obsessed and you need to pick up this brush now!

Ariana is the Editor In Chief for Her Campus Lasell. She is a junior at Lasell double majoring in Business Management and Marketing. She has an obsession with beauty and aims to live a holistic lifestyle. Her hobbies include reading, painting, and binge-watching Netflix.
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