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The Dark Side of Twin Flames

Everyone seems to be talking about their twin flame and soulmate online. But is there a dark side to ‘true love”?

Twin flames originated in Ancient Greece, it was a popular belief that when the Gods created humans they spilt their souls into two. However, many cultures have similar concepts to twin flames, it is something that is universally present in many cultures. Twin flames can be platonic or romantic pairs, it does not necessarily exclude platonic partners.

The goal of a twin flame relationship is to help heal each other and push each other towards self-growth, as well as to develop a bond to reconnect with each other. It is the union of two souls becoming one. But, many twin flame relationships become codependent and toxic. If your twin connection is abusive or problematic, it may be time to double think about your relationship. Are they really your twin flame or are they hurting you?

Many believe that twin flames are the highest form of a soulmate, however, this can be a toxic belief. Twin flames may be your other half but they are there to teach you a lesson and more often than not these types of relationships become toxic. Everyone’s twin flame is not supposed to be in their life forever. Sometimes you need to learn the lesson, let go and heal.

 If two twin flames have a healthy, happy relationship then I encourage them to continue their relationship and explore their bond together. However, it gets toxic with social media constantly pushing the idea that your twin flame is the one and can do no wrong. Many people use the label of twin flames to excuse toxic and even abusive behaviors in their partners. Beware of people who claim toxic partners are their twin flames, or yours.

Ariana is the Editor In Chief for Her Campus Lasell. She is a junior at Lasell double majoring in Business Management and Marketing. She has an obsession with beauty and aims to live a holistic lifestyle. Her hobbies include reading, painting, and binge-watching Netflix.
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