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Thanksgiving Themed Dorm Food For When You’re Ballin’ on a Budget

Fall is the ultimate season to eat good food, enjoy the festivities, and most importantly, spend time with your family.  Here at Her Campus Lasell, we’ve curated the ultimate guide on how to absolutely *crush* this Thanksgiving season, from how to perfectly decorate your dorm for the holiday, cooking tips and tricks for the holiday, and the importance of giving back. 

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons. I love watching the trees change colors, wearing sweaters and scarves and Uggs, drinking hot chocolate on the colder days, and curling up on the couch with the fireplace on. The food is just as important, though. This article looks at the food that is perfect for the season. What’s the best part? It’s budget-friendly and can be made in your dorm. Plus, this is great for the times you are looking to eat dinner with your friends. In this article, you’ll find four ideas on dinners and one on desserts that are easy to make. 

Note: Some of these recipes have been edited to be more budget-friendly.

1. Rotisserie Chicken with Butternut Squash

Go to any supermarket and buy a Rotisserie chicken and you can buy frozen Butternut Squash. If you’re looking for something extra to go along with the meal, buy a premade salad mix. 

2. Rotisserie Chicken or Roasted Chicken with rice and vegetables

All you need for this one is chicken, rice, frozen peas, and teriyaki sauce. 

3. Grown-Up Grilled Cheese

All you need is a bread of your choice, Swiss cheese, spinach, and tomatoes. 

4. Nachos

All you have to buy is a bag of nacho chips, pre-made salsa, and pre-made guacamole, corn, and cheese. If you want to add chicken or steak, you can buy them pre-made as well and shred them using a fork. 

5. Caramel Apple Ice Cream Sundae

All you need are apples (which you can buy pre-sliced), cinnamon, caramel ice cream topping, vanilla bean ice cream, and whipped cream.

Gabriela Giubilo is a senior at Lasell College. She is majoring in Event Management with a minor in Psychology. She loves to read, watch tv, spend lots of time on Tumblr, and hang out with friends in family. She just completed a semester abroad in Queensland, Australia. Her goal is to work as an event designer and move to LA.
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