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Taking a Look Back at My Freshman Year of College in a Time of Covid-19

This year, from the fall of 2020 to the spring of 2021, has been unlike no other. With this fall already in the midst of dealing with the coronavirus that has spread immensely, it caused a change in all aspects of our lives. Entering college at a time of mask-wearing, Covid testing, and social distancing has definitely been a challenge to adapt to. 

Being a freshman at Lasell University, I came in at a time where I had no real expectations or experiences to compare anything to. While some upperclassmen have shared their experiences about their years at Lasell pre-Covid, I have never actually experienced any myself. Due to this, I wasn’t let down at all by the experience I had this year. 

I was lucky enough to have almost all of my classes on-campus or flex with just one fully online course. Involving myself in clubs on campus was a priority for me and I was still able to be a part of everything I would have wanted to join previously. The dance team however was not running like usual, but they did host classes throughout the year, so I was still able to still incorporate dance into my life and experience at Lasell. 

Making friends was definitely different than I expected but not necessarily harder. Coming into a new school in a new state, I knew no one. I had to put myself out there and talk to everyone, and I mean everyone until I found the people I clicked best with. Based on where I lived, my classes, clubs, and activities, I met and found the people I surround myself with now. 

Overall, looking back on my first year of college, I couldn’t be happier with my experience and my choice to come to this school and live on-campus... even with everything going on. In just a year, I know I have grown and learned so much. Now I am looking forward to an even better year ahead!

Julia McNicol is a sophomore at Lasell University studying Fashion Media and Marketing with a minor in Journalism. She can most likely be found shopping, dancing, or watching romantic comedies. Her instagram can be found at @juliamcnicol as well as @juliashannonxoxo for fashion specific content.
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