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Take action at these climate change events in Boston

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

We are currently living in a world that is being severely damaged by climate change, and by humans’ own actions. Flooding in Leominster, Massachusetts happened just this month, flooding in Vermont earlier this summer, British Columbia saw their most devastating wildfire season of all time, and around one million species are at risk for extinction. Every part of the Earth we rely on is already or will be affected by climate change. While this is all bleak, there are ways to take action.  

Recently, I encountered an organization called Extinction Rebellion. It is a nonviolent  direct action climate activist group, with many chapters worldwide, but the one I linked above is specifically the Boston chapter. As I am writing this, it is currently their Rebellion Week, which is a week full of events that anybody can participate in. Extinction Rebellion does many different events, ranging from community building activities to protests that can lead to arrests (although there are many protests that cannot lead to arrests).  

Here are some of their upcoming events in Boston that may interest you: 

September 22:

World Car Free Day: Join Car Free Boston, and other cities around the globe in highlighting benefits to going car-free. Join them by taking a bike ride from Copley Square and through coastal areas of Boston in a 90-minute ride that begins at 6pm. 

September 23:

Festival for a Future: A big celebration full of various activities, free food, and music! Taking place at Cambridge Common from 2:30 to around 7, all community members are welcome! 

September 24:

XR Art Table at the Raising Voices Festival: Stop by to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, as well as celebrate the power of protest in a large arts festival in Downtown Crossing from 11 to 1:30 pm, preceding the next event… 

Die-In for No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure: Join the organization in a no-arrest-risk protest demonstration, where you lie on the ground and “die”, to represent those who died due to climate change and fossil fuels. The event takes place at 2pm, in the Back Bay (intersection of Berkeley and Newbury Streets). Be sure to dress accordingly!  

Sitting Meditation for the Climate: An event that happens every other Sunday, on the steps of the Cambridge Post Office, sitting is from 4-4:30pm, with socializing afterwards.  

XR at the Raising Voices Parade: At 4pm, after the Die-In, join Extinction Rebellion and the rest of the Raising Voices Festival for a parade that begins at Downtown Crossing! 

September 25:

Extinction Rebellion Orientation: If you choose to join the organization, there is an online zoom meeting for new members to learn more about them and what they do! Feel free to even check it out if you are simply interested in learning more! It will take place at 5:30pm but register in advance through their website before you go!! 

The Climate Crisis is an international emergency, and it will not be easy to tackle, however it is not hopeless, and there is change to be made if we all work together. So, I encourage you to do what you can: try out these events, sign petitions, and spread the word.  

Alexandra Garrand is new to Her Campus, and Lasell University, but she is very excited to be a part of the community! Alexandra is a freshman at Lasell University and is currently studying Elementary Education so she can hopefully teach the third grade. Outside of school, Alexandra enjoys spending time with her friends, ceramics, reading, and the outdoors. She is almost always walking somewhere, in shoes that are less than suitable to be walked in.