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Styling Hair Just Got SO Easy with Flexi Rods

I am sure you’ve all seen your favorite hair influencers using a variety of hair tools, one of the rollers. I am here to talk to you about Flexi rods, a  modern twist velcro rollers your grandmother used. Flexi rods are short for flexible rod, they won’t get your hair stuck on it and they are able to bend to keep your hair on the rod. There are a variety of sizes to help create loose waves and tight curls, the smaller the rod the tighter the curl.

Flexi rods are a styling MVIP because they are so easy to use and do not require heat and can help change up your curl pattern in such a natural way. Sometimes we want something more reliable with a wash and dry and less hassle than breaking out the hair tools. In my humble opinion, I would prefer not to deal with burning myself, heat damage and having the curls fall flat. Flexi rods give gorgeous long-lasting results, I can wear my hair out for 3 to 4 days after a Flexi rod set. If I used a curling iron by the second day my hair would start looking dirty.

I think that it is always best to use Flexi rods after you wash and condition your hair. You would follow your normal shower hair care routine and dry your hair with your favorite hair towel. You would ait until your hair is slightly wet to do the Flexi rods. I know some people who prefer to do it on dry hair and dampen their hair after with a spray bottle, that is an option but I find it so much easier to use wet hair. Make sure your hair is properly detangled so that you won’t get knotted curls. I prefer to use a tangle teaser and detangler to make sure that my hair is knot-free.

Before I do my hair, I put in a mouse to help with keeping the style tangle-free. If I was doing a wash and go, I would use a mouse anyway. I suggest using a rat tail comb to part your hair in different sections, the smaller the section the more defined the curl is going to be. Don’t stress the parting, I usually wing the part based on how many rods I have and how lazy I am.  The way you roll your hair will depend on which way your curl goes and how the curl is shaped. I usually try to keep it in one direction so that they are all uniform.

You should wrap your hair before bed when you wake up to take off the wrap and carefully unroll your hair from the rod. When you style your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to comb through your hair. You can change your part if needed and add more styling products. This is all up to personal preference. When you use Flexi rods, I tend to notice just like my wash and go, that I never know how the results will turn out. Just play with your hair when you style your hair.

Ariana is the Editor In Chief for Her Campus Lasell. She is a senior at Lasell double majoring in Business Management and Marketing. When she's not editing for HC Lasell, she's binge-watching Netflix or buried in a good book.
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