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Songs to Channel Your Inner Academic Weapon: A Playlist

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We are about 6 weeks into the semester which is around the time the academic, and honestly social/mental burnout start to be ever present. It can be really hard to find motivation once you’ve lost it. Trust me, I am feeling it as I write this article. But one thing is for sure, a change of scenery and a new playlist can almost always drag me from my burnout misery. This playlist is to make you feel like an academic weapon, think channeling your inner Rory Gilmore

  1. There She Goes by The La’s

Starting off with a classic. If you are a Gilmore Girls fan then you know the nostalgia of this song. 

  1. we fell in love in october by girl in red

Keeping the chill vibes going with a little girl in red. 

  1. You’re Gonna Go Far by Noah Kahan

Listen to Noah. You’re gonna go far, I promise. 

  1. Sofia by Clairo 

This song is so soft and pretty. It makes me feel happy, and if I am happy I am more likely to become motivated. Boom. Girl math.

  1. Pretty Boy by The Neighborhood

Most of the songs on this playlist have a chill vibe to them, this song is no exception. And y’all already know how I feel about The Neighborhood. This one isn’t as popular, but it deserves all the hype. 

  1. August by Taylor Swift

I know it’s October, but something about this just feels right. 

  1. The Feeling by Sammy Rae and The Friends

This song is for the mandatory dance break. That’s right, get up and move baby! 

  1. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

Okay, back to serious academic weapon mode with some Fleetwood Mac.

  1. She’s Pretty by Cayley Spivey

This song has been on repeat since it came out. And it also has chill vibes so that’s why it is on this playlist.

  1. Jackie and Wilson by Hozier

Hozier has a song for every mood and occasion. Starting to get a little bit more upbeat as we near the end of the playlist. 

  1. Fireside by Arctic Monkeys

This makes my brain tingle. I don’t know what it is about this song, but it screams fall to me. 

  1. Campus by Vampire Weekend

Some funky tunes to motivate you through the last part of the study session. 

  1. Experience by Ludovico Einaudi

And finally, the last song of the playlist. Every time I hear this I type at lightspeed. Try to finish up whatever you are on by the end of the song! 

This playlist isn’t too long, so feel free to play it a few times, but make sure to give your brain a break in between! Burnout happens for a lot of reasons, but one main one is from lack of breaks. So put down your textbook and go for a walk or grab a snack, call a friend, or anything that will give you a little boost and break. 

Ceci Wood

Lasell '24

Ceci is a Senior at Lasell University and is studying English. In her free time, you can find her reading, writing, making some banging playlists, or playing the sims!