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Summer is almost here! And what makes summer feel more like summer than having summer feeling songs to put on your playlist this season!? The hot sun on our skin while we’re out on the beach tanning, going out to the club to dance our asses off, or even just taking a fun stroll around town in the car; every moment in summer needs the perfect song for its occasion.

This is the year that needs the ultimate summer playlist, especially after finishing school for the year, no classes; no work. FREEDOM HAS ARRIVED.

Don’t know what songs to start to build up your list? Don’t worry babe, I got you:

  1. 1901 – Phoenix

This song has the rhythm and tunes that make me want to drive down to the beach with the windows down to let the big, bright sun shine its light on me. Better yet, get your friends and have a bonfire at night on the beach to make the day even more memorable.

  1. Butterfly – Crazy Town

It’s a bit embarrassing how I discovered this song (the movie Sing from 2016), but every time I think about a good song to play in the car on a nice sunny day, it’s definitely this one. Gives the vibes of surfing in California in the early 2000s after finishing the last day of school.

  1. Hey Sunshine – Rare Americans

I had such a weird obsession with watching animated music videos during quarantine and I’m so glad that I did or else I wouldn’t have discovered this amazing band. If you have a partner for this season and have many plans with them, include playing this song while you two hang out as one of those plans.

  1. The Tide Is High – Atomic Kitten

I feel like I’m back to my childhood in Florida, watching some cliché kids movie that involves mermaids or surfing every time I hear this song. It gives nothing but childhood memories with its tone.

  1. No Money – Galantis

This is like a song that would play in the background when you and your friends are doing things you aren’t supposed to be doing during the summer, like exploring abandoned places or speeding down an empty highway just to get the euphoric feeling of being young and alive.

  1. Upside Down – Jack Johnson

Remember this song? From the Curious George movie? Such great memories; every time I hear that guitar, I’m brought back to when I was a kid playing with butterflies and my next door neighbor on a clear and beautiful summer day. If you want to feel nostalgic, do yourself a favor and play this.

  1. What You Know – Two Door Cinema

Don’t get me started with this song. I played this song CONSTANTLY during the summer before my first year of college started. Two Door Cinema has THE best summer songs of all time, the vibes will skyrocket once this is played in the car or on a speaker. Trust me.

  1. Summer – Calvin Harris

Ending this with a banger, with one of the most recognized summer songs of all time. This is an amazing choice to end your summer with, plus it can be used for any occasion throughout the season. Going to the beach, eating unhealthy food at a carnival, floating around in a pool or even taking a nice, relaxing drive around town, maybe around a new place.

Astara is a sophomore at Lasell University studying Fashion Media and Marketing. She loves to collect items of her favorite Sanrio character named Cinnamoroll. Her hobbies are creating new outfits, collecting trinkets and figures and playing video games on her Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Dsi. You can find her either in her room decorating her space or on the third floor of her building with her best friend watching The Nanny while doing work.