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In reference to the title; a sex playlist by yours truly. I personally made this playlist in a very specific order and wouldn’t hit shuffle during certain activities, but that’s just me. I wanted a nice build up; so the playlist starts out slow and sensual to build tension and gradually gets more intense, with a song or two at the end to recuperate afterwards ;) Also I don’t know what two bands are more tension filled and horny then Chase Atlantic and The Neighborhood so if you don’t like them this playlist probably isn’t for you. 

  1. She – Harry Styles

Got to start out slow and just enjoy the tension building. 

  1. I Wanna Be Yours – Arctic Monkeys

Because yeah, I do wanna be yours.

  1. Flawless – The Neighborhood

Being told you are flawless gives one such a good god complex (even though everyone has flaws- but shhh it’s for the complex.) Also the rhythm in this song is just perfection. 

  1. i’m yours – Isabel LaRosa

Tension is rising folks, we’re getting closer, inches away.

  1. $TING – The Neighborhood

If hands roaming all over could be a song, this would be it. The background vocals are really what does it for me in this song.

  1. Nervous – The Neighborhood 

Feeling a little nervous there my love?

  1. Hotel – Montell Fish 

I think this is probably on everyone’s sex playlist, but there is a good reason for that. Starting to pick up in intensity with this, getting a little more desperate.

  1. A Little Death – The Neighborhood

I want you to touch me there. This song is so incredibly horny and I live for it.

  1. I Feel Like I’m Drowning -Two Feet

Another kind of basic one; but is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

  1. Movement – Hozier

Hozier’s music is always full of yearning and I love it. If Eat Your Young was out yet, it would be on this playlist.

  1. HEAVEN AND BACK – Chase Atlantic 

Chase. Atlantic. That’s it.

  1. It Will Come back – Hozier

You know better than to smile at me like that, babe.

  1. Shut up My Mom’s Calling – Hotel Ugly

I heard this song for the first time while driving with someone at night and I immediately knew this would be making its way to my playlist.

  1. Meddle About – Chase Atlantic 

I wanna hear you confess now. I bet you want them pretty badly by this point, don’t you?

  1. Daddy Issues (Remix) feat.syd -The Neighborhood, Syd

I specifically chose the remix one because it is so much sexier in my opinion. 

  1. Church – Chase Atlantic

Let’s pick up the pace.

  1. giveuwhatuwant – THE DRIVER ERA

You want me, you need me, you crave me.

  1. Numb to the Feeling – Chase Atlantic 

You’re probably feeling anything but numb right now, but what another great addition to the playlist, don’t you think?

  1. OHMAMI – Chase Atlantic

I warned you there were a lot of them in this playlist, keep going. 

  1. W.D.Y.W.F.M – The Neighborhood

This song is sex, sex is this song. I can’t describe how this song makes me feel, it’s too good.

  1. Slow Down -Chase Atlantic

F*ck them like they’re famous. 

  1. Do I Wanna Know? -Arctic Monkeys

Time to slow thing’s back down just a little.

  1. Dark Red – Steve Lacy

Only you darling, only you. Catch your breath, you did it.

Ceci Wood

Lasell '24

Ceci is a Senior at Lasell University and is studying English. In her free time, you can find her reading, writing, making some banging playlists, or playing the sims!