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I recently made the upgrade from earloop respirators to head straps for *extra protection* and while I sometimes can’t be bothered to “cuteify” it and just deal with the straps sitting on top of my hair looking odd, there are ways to incorporate or hide the straps if you have the time and energy. Naturally, this goes for elastomerics as well! It’s not exactly fun to have half my face hidden at all times, nor can I imagine it is for anyone else, but showing care for one’s community? Being mindful of the historical implications of how illnesses impact marginalized groups and are downplayed by health officials and governments? Those are 100% attractive qualities in my book.

Space buns

These have been my hairstyle of the week. Easy to throw my hair into and generally, it doesn’t matter how gross my hair is to achieve this look either. If your hair is shorter you can still work it with a half-up half-down version! With head straps, some folks tend to have issues with the upper strap sliding down. Personally, I have to wear both straps on the top of my head, so a hairstyle where the mask can rest directly on my hair is perfect.

Hair down

This one is kind of exactly the opposite of a hairstyle but it’s worth mentioning: some people have luck simply tucking the strap(s) under the top layer of their hair, with additional clips to stop slippage if needed. My hair isn’t thick enough for this but for those who are blessed with luscious locks, it’s a great hack!


Simple, concealing, easy, and again, an excellent go-to for when you’re way overdue for washing your hair. 

High ponytail

Not exactly showstopping, but it does the job. Plus, you can totally dress up a simple ponytail with braids or a fun scrunchie. 

French Braids

The straps would probably have to sit on top of the braids for this one, but if your concern is slippage, the texture from the braids can make it harder for any straps to fall down. 

Hat or beanie

This one’s about concealing again. Any hat is a good choice, though I’m partial to the 2010s slouchy beanie that I think should definitely make a comeback. As someone who hates thinking about what the back of my hair looks like regardless of mask straps, those hats are a godsend.

Inès Dupupet is the Editor-in-Chief at Lasell University's Her Campus chapter, overseeing the team of copy editors and keeping track of articles. As a junior at Lasell, studying fashion and history, she hopes to become an archivist or librarian. She loves to write, experiment with fashion, play cozy videogames, and spend time with her cat.