Sexposed: Eco-Friendly Period Products

Everyone with a period has their preference for products, but not many think about the impact of the products they’re using on the environment. Take into consideration how many tampons/pads that are used per period. Then multiply that by the number of periods a year, then by the however many decades until menopause. That’s a lot of products. Not only are the actually tampons and pads being tossed, but all the packaging and wrapping, the hard plastic of applicators too. It seems pretty overwhelming. So how can we as people with periods, slow down the amount of impact that time of the month has on the environment? We have a few options.

Switch to Non-Plastic Products:

This is almost never someone’s first choice but switching to biodegradable (yes, that means cardboard) tampons means less plastic production and waste. Organic cotton tampons are also free of the pesticides sometimes used in “natural” cotton crop which can be better for those sensitive bits.

Sea Pearls:

Sea Sponges are the all natural, reusable tampon alternative. They come in a range of sizes and are literally little sponges.

The Cup:

Reusable cups, made commonly from silicone or rubber, can last between six and twelve hours. Use of the cup can eliminate tampon and pad usage, and minimize the waste caused by it.

Thinx Underwear:

This is an underwear brand meant to replace tampons and pads or to be used with them. They have product options for light to heavy days with their most heavy duty product being able to contain the same amount as two tampons. This is also a company focused on bettering women all over the world, they take their social responsibility very seriously.

That time of the month comes. There’s little that can control it. Despite birth control and IUD’s and all those things that can alter that flow, the majority of women will have a period as some point in their life. Many many periods in fact. Not only do these options save the environment from wasted caused by toss away menstrual products, they help save money. A forty dollar cup may seem pricey at the time, as is spending over thirty dollars on a pair of panties, but think about the money saved over the course of a year or two. The impact is real. It’s time to start making less impact and more change. That change begins with a single period.

Happy Hunting.