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Self Reflections and Journaling with HC Lasell writer, Jade

In order to start 2021 on the right foot, I have decided to dedicate this new year to self-improvement. So as time passes, I want to choose to add onto my daily routine with more positive and mindful practices. Besides making my bed in the morning, cleaning, and working out, I needed to include another activity, which is journaling!

From having discussions with my friends to observing infographics on Instagram, I was seeing and hearing a lot about the benefits of journaling. So, I decided to add this activity to my daily routine. This past summer I had begun journaling after I experienced my first heartbreak. After a week of journaling, I was already seeing positive outcomes. Journaling truly did help release all of my emotions and helped me to get over heartbreak. In that same time period I would go back to write my goals for the rest of the summer and the beginning of my semester. 

Yet, I forgot about the journal and didn’t pay any mind to it for weeks at a time. That is until I had a second heartbreak at the end of the fall semester. After noticing this pattern, I didn’t want my journal to just continue to be my heartbreak journal. 

Instead of just goals and the occasional entry about heartbreak, I started to journal down daily affirmations, love letters to myself, and self-reflections. With goals and affirmations, I wrote the goals in a way that made it seem like I was already in the process of it. Phrases like “I am ready to” or “I’m grateful for” helped to put me in a more positive mindset. With this method, I felt like my goals were more attainable and the positive language made me feel more motivated to achieve these goals. 

During the first few weeks of 2021, I added this new journaling process into my night routine as well. Whenever I felt like something was bothering me or I needed to let off some steam, I’d pull out my journal and start reflecting on what I was feeling. 


Want to start journaling? Here are some of my tips on getting started:


  1. Find any notepad, notebook, or journal that you like! You could even buy one that fits your personality or favorite color. 
  2. Start off by writing down whatever you like! It could be something that’s on your mind, a fun event that happened that day, or a letter to yourself. 


Jade Diaz

Lasell '23

Jade is a Junior at Lasell, majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Management. She adores figurative art, and enjoys being creative in any way possible. One fun fact is that her dog Finn, is named after a Star Wars character named FN-2187.
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