Sara's Food for Thought: &Pizza

Here is a story of a very fine pizza.

There has been a recent discovery (not so recent for me, but the pizza was) of a pizza shop called &pizza. Located originally in New York, and now at the wonderful Boston location near Harvard. Therefore, I seeked out the pizza in hopes that perhaps I have found the pizza for me.

&pizza is located right off the red line on the Harvard stop. From there, it is directly across the street, next to an also new location, Milk Bar, which is connected to &pizza (genius duel marketing).

Anyways, &pizza is like the pizza version of a chipotle, but you don't pay more for extra dip.

When you enter they give you an aesthetically pleasing (skinny legend) menu and you line up for ordering.  The place was packed for the grand opening so waiting in line was about an hour and a half. The first part of the line is telling them what pizza(s) you want. Then the second is topping (it’s like a pizza froyo, but no froyo its pizza). 

As for the pizza itself, I was blessed. If it wasn't so far, I would likely live in there.

Therefore on Sara’s Pizza Rating Score from an Obama (meaning good) to paying for extra sauce (bad), &pizza is a complete Obama.