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In need of some sad sapphic songs? Lucky for you I have curated this wonderful playlist for y’all. I personally made this in a very specific order, however if you wanna hit shuffle that’s up to you. Enjoy.

  1. J’s lullaby (darlin’ I’d wait) -Delaney Bailey 

This song is so precious. It is filled with beauty and yearning and such pure intent. It encapsulates everything (at least my) sapphic heart feels, because, “darlin’ I would wait for you, even if you didn’t ask me to.”

  1. War of Hearts – Ruelle

This gives big yearning energy but in a “I already know you” sort of way. This song shows the inner turmoil of trying so hard to not love someone you are still so in love with. 

  1. Enchanted – Taylor Swift 

“Please don’t be in love with someone else.”

  1. Falling – Harry Styles

Oh Harry. You make it onto all of my playlists somehow. The hurt, comfort, familiarity, and anxiety of falling for someone all over again. 

  1. You’re My Home– Billy Joel

Even though this may not seem sad, or sapphic, I feel like this has a nostalgic bittersweet feeling. The feeling of once having that person you could call home, because your home wasn’t a place, it was them. 

  1. All My Love – Noah Kahan

The amount of times I have listened to this album and this song in particular is astronomical. I really like how this song shows that it doesn’t always end on bad terms. You can still harbor so much love for a person, with “not a drop of bad blood” and sometimes it feels like this is a harder alternative, but with time, it is a beautiful thing, to always carry love for someone.

  1. I Wanna Be Yours -Arctic Monkeys

This may not seem like a super sad song, and to be honest it really isn’t. However, I love this song, it makes it onto almost all of my playlists because I feel like it can encompass whatever mood I am in. And in a way, there is a sense of yearning here, of wanting to be theirs, in any way you can.

  1. I wanna be your girlfriend -girl in red

Would this be a sapphic playlist without a little girl in red? The amount of times I have screamed this song at the top of my lungs in my car is maybe a bit embarrassing. The tension in this song also just pulls on my heart. 

  1. Right Where You Left Me -Taylor Swift

I am not even a die hard Taylor fan, but I listened to this for the first time a bit ago and all I have to say about this one is just yes, and the title pretty much says it. 

  1. I love you -Billie Eilish

So you need a good cry? Maybe turn this one up a few notches. It’s okay, I have cried to this song many times. Billie just gets it, “The smile that you gave me, even when you felt like dying.” So, my heart is actually breaking, this one hurts.

  1. The Beach -The Neighborhood

The mutual downfall, The Neighborhood does it again folks. 

  1. Breakeven – The Script

I KNOW. I know this choice is going to turn some heads, but trust me it really does hit different, especially after the few songs before this, and it is nostalgic, let it be. 

  1. Where’s My Love -SYML 

Are you in your feels yet? Come back home.

  1. The Exit – Conan Gray

I know this is trending on TikTok right now, but either way Conan has once again ripped my heart in half. I like how this song describes a situation where both people are hurt, but one is masking it better. 

  1. When Will I See You Again -Shakka

Now that I have broken your heart with that line up, leaving y’all with a smidge of hope. You’ll see them again. 

Ceci Wood

Lasell '24

Ceci is a Senior at Lasell University and is studying English. In her free time, you can find her reading, writing, making some banging playlists, or spending time with her girlfriend.