Rosemary Leger

This week's Campus Cutie is Rosemary Leger, a senior here at Lasell. She hails from Auburn, Massachusetts and is majoring in Fashion Communication and Promotion. You may have seen Rose on the dance floor, performing at basketball games and showcases with the Lasell College Pulse Dance Team as one of their captains. Rose is also the copy editor for Lasell’s newspaper, the 1851 Chronicle.

In her free time, Rose enjoys shopping, dancing, watering her plants, and eating chips with her friends (which makes perfect sense because her favorite food is nachos!). Her future husband is Harry Styles, however, 1D is in second place as her favorite band. In first place? The Lasell Spartones of course! Rose’s favorite city is London and her favorite flower is (go figure!) a rose.

When asked who she would choose if she could be anyone for a day, Rose said she would be Today Show host Natalie Morales because, “She gets to deliver the morning news with Matt Lauer, Willie Geist and Al Roker, all men whom I adore and would love to hang out with.” If you're wondering what she would do as Natalie for the day, Rose says, “I could hire myself, which would be cool because I need a job.” Good choice, Rose!

If you see this cutie around campus, be sure to say hi. Rose is someone you can always rely on for a smile!

Photos provided by Cutie.