Ready for Your Newest Beauty Secret? Oil Cleanser is Actually AMAZING For Your Skin

If you would have told me that oil could clean my face, I would have laughed at you. It sounds so counter-intuitive. We were in the store one day and my grandmother handed me The Body Shop Oil of Life Cleansing Oil in Gel. She picked herself up a tube of the cleanser and claimed that this would be perfect for my dry skin because she used it on her dry and aged skin. I went to the store thinking I would just be buying a facial oil but ended up walking out with a cleansing oil gel.

I was very skeptical when first trying out the product but carefully read the directions. Honestly, who applies cleanser on dry skin and why would the oil turn into a “milk-like substance”? As someone with mild acne, I was worried that the moment it touched my face I would break out. It should be noted that when starting a new skincare product you need to give your skin about four to six weeks to see results before ditching it unless you notice a reaction.

I started using this product at night after I removed my makeup with micellar water, and I waited for my face to dry. Then, I would use this as my cleanser, then I would spot treat my face, add any oils and moisturizers. I am comfortable saying that at once I noticed my face was less dry, even during the way when I would notice dry skin, particularly around my lips and nose. Dermatologists even recommend it for oily and acne prone skin because it is a gentle cleanse to not only remove the dirt but excess oils. In most cases the oil won’t affect your skin, only stop using if you get more acne than usual. 

I used to use a different version of this method with almond oil and a warm washcloth when I had an all natural skin care routine, a year ago. So I am confident in telling you, that oil works as a cleanser and you don’t just need to use this product. I would never recommend anything, I did not personally put my face through. There is so many oil cleanser out there and many people make their own, you just need to find the right one for you!