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Ready to Tap into Your Creative Side? Here’s A Day in the Life of a Fashion Student

In the spirit of finals, I am going to give you a dive into a day in the life of a fashion design major.

Each day is honestly different, with different projects and classes.

Typically when I talk about a fashion majors life, people assume that we don’t do much work because it is sewing to them. Therefore I will be taking you into my typical Tuesday schedule. 

6:30 am: Waking up and showering

8:00 am: An attempt to eat breakfast

This is a 50/50 chance that this happens, often than not I end up eating toast on the go with sometimes over easy eggs. If not I end up eating a fruit snack, then I head to my first class.

9:30 am: First class starts

The first class is a ‘portfolio’ class, working on personal websites and separate design projects. This can range from doing computer work for designing to doing design development stages. I end up working on things such as mood boards, illustrations, fashion flats, fabric boards, patterns, etc.


                                                                           Credit: Author

11:00am: Second class starts

The second class is a fashion history class, a lecture based class that is mostly going over the textbook and taking notes. This class is normally when I start to chug a coffee or an energy drink to get through the day.

12:30 pm: Third class starts

The third class is lab work for a jacket. I can’t eat or drink there so it is the class that I am the most tired in. This class is the basics of tailoring a jacket (or tailoring in general). 

2:00pm: Club Meeting

3:30pm: Final class

The last class is on couture. One of the best classes I have ever had. Couture is an individual garment designed and fit to a specific person’s measurements. This consists of hours of hand sewing work and 3D designing.     

                                                                             Credit: Author

                                                                     Current Couture Project

5:00 pm: Maybe Dinner time

6:00 pm: Sewing Lab work hours

Sewing lab hours range from one hour to over 5 hours of work straight. At this time I work on nearly every project that go from Sweater knitwear design to tailoring.   

                                                                                  Credit: Author

                                                                      Current Sweater Knit Project

3:00 am: Go back to the dorm to head to bed. 

After the day is finished I average about 3 hours of sleep before waking up and completing another day.

Sara Nahoun is the Social Media Director for HerCampus Lasell Chapter. She's a Fashion Design and Production Major with Minors in Photography and Graphic Design at Lasell University. Often she is found in the sewing lab or in her room taking a nap. She also spends her past time collecting reaction photos and memes off of social media to pass time. 
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