Reactions You Have While Watching Hocus Pocus

There are few things that sum up Halloween season like the cult classic Disney film Hocus Pocus does. While most of us have seen it hundreds of times, it never gets old, which is why we react to it as if it’s the first time.

When you decide to watch Hocus Pocus for the first time this season:

Sept. 1 is basically fall.

When the opening credits start to roll:

Even though you definitely watched it a few weeks ago.

When the Sanderson sisters take little Emily:

How could they?!?!?!

When Max shows up on screen for the first time:

He’s sooooooo dreamy.

When Dani tells Allison that Max likes her yabos:

The second hand embarrassment is too real.

When Max lights the black flame candle:


When The Sanderson sisters return:

The horror!

When Billy says what we’re all thinking:


When Max sacrifices himself for Dani:

My hero <33333

When the sun comes up and everyone is saved:



When Thackery is able to reunite with Emily:

You’re so sad yet so happy about it.

When the final credits roll:

Truly a cinematic masterpiece.

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