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Ranking YOU NEED THIS Chips Based on Mine and My Boyfriend’s Tastebuds

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If you know me, you know I love my healthy snacks. Of course, I occasionally indulge in not-so-healthy snacks from time to time (I am a college student so what can you do?). However, whenever I and my mom go out to get snacks she always tries to get me to try her healthy snacks. So, when I got the opportunity to try YOU NEED THIS chips I of course jumped at the opportunity. So I decided to make it a date night with my significant other to try their different flavors of chips. So we stayed in, ordered some pizza, got our favorite drinks, and we sat down and each tried these chips! We got four different flavors to try so we compared them! (#1 being our favorite, #4 being not the first one we would pick!) 

Sea Salt Grain Free Tortilla Chips – Yali: #2  Kenny: #4

This was my second favorite because I loved how simple it was but also it amped up the flavor with the sea salt! You could eat this with a dip or snack on it by itself. It’s one of those snacks that you can just eat without thinking and it fills you up! 

Nacho Grain Free Tortilla Chip – Yali:#4  Kenny: #2 

This was Kenny’s favorite because he could eat the chip and not worry about dipping it in anything extra because all of the flavors were already on the chip. While we tried the rest, it was pretty common to catch him snacking on these. 

Cinnamon Churro Puffs – Yali & Kenny’s #3

We were in agreement with this chip that it was sweet, but we both wanted it to just be a bit sweeter. We both like sweets and when we saw this bright pink bag we were both excited. The way it crunches on your mouth is delicious! 

Ranch Veggie Straws – Yali & Kenny’s #1

These were both of our favorites! I was lucky enough that he actually let me keep the bag! These were our favorites because it’s colorful, they fill you up, and you are always grabbing in the bag for more. It kind of helped that we were already eating these snacks before trying the different flavors, so it was nice we agreed on our favorite flavor!

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