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Ranking my Crocs from Most to Least Comfortable

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For anyone who knows me, I’m 100% a Crocs girl. I will pretty much wear my Crocs for anything. Whether I’m dressing them down, dressing them up, going to run errands, or just going to the Dining Hall on campus, I guarantee you will see me with a pair of Crocs 90% of the time. Because of this, I thought it would be a perfect idea to help those who are having difficulty deciding what Crocs they should get. 

  1. Echo Clog

Honestly one of the best shoes I’ve ever gotten from Crocs. This shoe feels like a cloud kissed my feet. I love how comfy these are and how versatile the shoe design is. I just recently got these in the gray color but I honestly can’t wait to buy more of these. I love how I can wear these in almost every weather condition and also wear them with different outfits. My favorite way to style these recently has been with either sweatpants or cargo pants for a comfortable yet stylish outfit. But by far, my favorite thing about these shoes which sets them apart from the rest and makes them number 1 is the adjustable strap that goes around the ankle. I love how I can make the shoe more snug or loose to my ankle which helps it stay on better in comparison to Crocs’ original clog shoe. I think the only downside with these is that the color selection is not extensive and it’s harder to put your lovely jibbitz in these to customize them. But if you’re not so concerned with that, then I think these could be your go-to!

  1. Classic Clog and Classic Lined Clog 

These were my first pairs of Crocs, so I have a special attachment to them. Not only can I customize these, but I can use them for almost any occasion. From hanging out with friends, to going to my 8 AM classes, to running errands; I practically use these everywhere almost every day. The only reason why these are second place is that I can’t wear them when it rains. I know what you’re thinking: “Obviously you can’t wear shoes that have holes when it’s raining. That makes no sense.” But when I want a comfy shoe that will get me through anything, some of those moments will include rain. Now, I’m not saying that these are bad shoes, I’m just saying that this is something to consider when buying them. If you don’t care about getting your dogs wet or the fur in the lining of the Classic Lined Crocs getting wet then that’s on you. But, I’m not letting that happen. An additional downside for me comes with the Classic Lined Croc because I would really wish that the fur lining was replaceable as it isn’t even securely attached to the entire shoe and is almost attached like a sleeve. If there’s a time when the shoe might get wet or if you sweat in the shoe, the old mildew scent will start to accumulate and that’s not cute. So for me, I wish they had an insert to replace the fur instead of buying a whole new shoe, but that’s more of a personal pet peeve. 

  1. Classic Croc Sandal

Now, this gets 3rd place because although it is comfy and airy on the feet, it does have some downsides. For example, the shoe is not as versatile when it comes to walking inside. I’ve had multiple times where I was walking around my dorm room with these and completely slipped. They don’t have that snapback that most flip-flop sandals have, which I do like, but sometimes I will completely wipe out. Not to mention the sizing is not too great either. I usually wear a size 10-11 in Crocs but in these, I’ve tried both and either one is too big or the other is too small. So I honestly would have sat these ones out if I would’ve known ahead of time. On the plus side, I do enjoy using these as shower shoes for when I either get in communal showers or for when I’m getting out of my personal shower, and because I only paid $16 for them at Marshall’s I honestly don’t mind using them. Overall, I would either only wear these when outside or only use them in the bathroom. 

  1. Classic Cozzzy Sandal 

I honestly have no words for this. It’s not bad, but it’s not my favorite. This is a shoe I use in emergencies when I can’t find any of the above shoes. Like it is comfortable, but along with the issues from the Classic Croc Sandal, it has even worse sizing issues. Like I have to buy at least 1-2 sizes up so that I can get the right fit. The only plus side about that is that if you have bigger feet like me, the bigger sizes have more sales and are usually always in stock where Crocs are sold, so that’s not so bad. But still, this shoe is just not my favorite and if I hadn’t worn them a couple of times I would’ve tried to return them. 

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