Rachel Rowitz '17

This week at Lasell College, we have a Campus Cutie who goes by the name of Rachel Rowitz. You’ve most likely seen her making her way about campus. You can’t miss her long, brown curls and her trademark laugh. Her laugh can be heard clearly in the Gardner House, where she is proudly a Resident Assistant (RA) to 36 girls. This year Rowitz is a Junior at Lasell and she is pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. Corresponding to her major, Rowitz has three minors including, “Child and Adolescent Studies, Youth and Crime, and Psychology.”

Rowitz’s future goals in the Criminal Justice field would be, “Either be in the FBI or in corrections, rehabilitating juvenile offenders.” Rowitz not only has a passion for education, but she also is devoted to her after school activities. Her involvement at Lasell consists of, but is not limited to, “Hope for Humanity, Active Minds, working at the Barn (on-campus child care center), RA” and is soon attending a Lasell Says Thank-You service trip in February. Although Rowitz has a lot to accomplish during the day, she never fails at finding a way to have a fun and memorable night.

She reveals one of her favorite nightly past times, “I like to stargaze at night, at Lasell, in the quad (Van Winkle Quad).” When asked about her bucket list, without hesitation she answered, “Skydiving, go on a cruise, own a tiny house.”  A tiny house is in support of the “tiny house movement”, which favors the idea of living a simpler life in smaller homes. Rowitz especially loves the idea of having her closet, shower, and kitchen all an arm’s length away. With a college student’s limited budget, a tiny house definitely seems like the best way to start life after graduation. Even though Rowitz still has a semester and another full year at Lasell left, she is already planning for the future.

This bubbly lady is always on the move, but she never fails to stop and greet acquaintances along the way with a white smile and honest compassion for their well-being. Currently Rowitz is single and her focus is on creating lifelong friendships at Lasell. Whether you know Rowitz personally or only through this Campus Cutie article, don’t be afraid to approach her because she values every new person she meets. However, Rowitz loves one thing more than meeting new people: is ice cream. Choosing a single, favorite ice cream flavor seemed like an impossible task for Rowitz. So, she narrowed it down saying, “I have three favorite ice creams, Oreo, mint chocolate chip, and cookie dough.”

So, there you have it. This week’s Campus Cutie is incredibly dedicated, effervescent, and not to mention an ice cream fanatic. One last impression of Rowitz to leave you with is a original quote by the Campus Cutie herself, which says, “When in doubt, laugh it all out.”

Now that ladies and gentlemen is what Rachel Rowitz is all about.

Photo provided by Cutie.