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Quick Cross Stitches You Can Make For The Holidays

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Every year, I forget someone from my holiday gift list. Whether they were an unexpected Secret Santa or a friend I don’t see often enough, I always come up a few gifts short. Add on the fact that I’m too broke and lazy to go to the store, I end up in a real bind. Luckily for me, nothing goes over better than a handmade gift. My go-to has become small cross-stitch projects. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, cross stitch can make a great crunch time present. I’ve compiled a few projects that are guaranteed to spread some holiday cheer.

Year-round, Lucie Heaton’s Furry Tales collection of cross-stitch patterns is always such a delight to make. Every pattern features adorable mice doing adorable tasks. During the holidays, a whole new batch of Furry Tales is released for the season. Some of my favorites include Twig Mouse, Lizzie and Rudolph, and Christmas Box Mouse. These patterns are small enough that you can finish them in a day or two.

If you have an animal lover in your life whose creature of choice isn’t a mouse, check out LaSelvaDesign’s Holiday animals. These are small patterns of any animal you can think of wearing Santa Hats. It’s way too cute. I’m personally obsessed with the Capybara and the bunny. The shop also has a lot of dogs and cats, so you can match it with your recipient’s pets!

For those celebrating Hanukkah, there are lots of great options. You can go more standard with this beautiful blue and gold Happy Hanukkah design, or be funny with this Too Lit to Quit Menorah. If you want to keep it really small, this Hanukkah Minis design includes six tiny versions of Hanukkah staples. 

For more neutral winter cheer, try this beautiful Snowflakes pattern. While it’s a little more complex and may take a little longer, this Poinsettia pattern is also stunning! 

Spread holiday cheer far and wide with these beautiful patterns, and get started now before you run out of time!

Julia is a Junior English major at Lasell University and the Vice President of Her Campus at Lasell. She enjoys reading, writing, exploring nature, and spending time with her family.