Putting College in Perspective with She's The First's Conference

     As a junior, college life is very normal for me; going to school the same place you live, seeing your friends everyday, taking courses towards your major, working on campus, completing assignments. Often these things can pile up and many college students find them resenting their college experience or constantly complaining. It’s very true that college can get very stressful at times, but it’s at these times that we often lose sight of the bigger picture of education; that it’s an opportunity we’re given that so many other people aren’t, and that it’s our job to make the most of this chance at learning because so many others will never get to. In the middle of finals or in the throws of a stressful research paper or group project it's easiest to lose sight of this, but She’s The First is hoping to help students tap into this.

    She’s The First at Lasell is a nonprofit chapter of the greater organization She’s The First that raises money to support girls in developing countries who are the first in their families to go to or graduate high school. Not only that, but She’s The First, in collaboration with their on-the-ground partner organizations, works to equip these girls with all the materials and tools they need to be successful students and leaders in their communities; everything from supplies and uniforms to leadership opportunities and mentoring programs.

Following the successful pilot of their leadership conference last year, She’s The First at Lasell will be hosting their second annual conference this Thursday at 2pm in the second floor of Arnow, centering around the idea of valuing your education as a privilege. Join them and hear from speakers that range from the Director of the Office of Inclusion and Community Partnership at Harvard Medical school to Lasell alumni to a co-op student at the United Nations of Greater Boston as they share their experiences and insight on valuing your education as a privilege. Tickets are $10 at the door and financial assistance is available through Professor Tom Sullivan for ethics students and through Professor Stephanie Athey for all other students, with 100% of the ticket profits going towards She’s The First scholars.