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Praticial Self Care Tips For Finals That You Need Now

That time of year is quickly approaching, summer is so close you can practically taste the salt in the air from day trips to the beach with friends, or the popcorn at the drive-in movie theaters on a late July night. But before you can pack up your dorm room and say your “see you in the fall’s!”, you likely have final exam work. 

It is easily the most stressful time in the semester, and with that being said, it is equally as important to make sure you are taking care of yourself while completing the year strong. Practicing self-care during finals is difficult at times, and is not as easy as putting on a face mask, or taking a bubble bath for everyone. So with that being said, I am here to give you three tips for ensuring you are taking care of yourself throughout this finals season. 

MAKE A SCHEDULE. This is probably the most important tip I have to make sure you do not miss any assignments. The main reason I find as to why people get overwhelmed by finals is that it seems as though there is so much work due at once. This can cause people to then forget to complete assignments. You can combat this by using a planner, or your reminders app on your phone to have a record of when specific assignments are due and schedule when you plan on working on them. Another small tip here, make sure to look back at your syllabi so you do not miss an assignment that a professor did not explicitly talk about in class. 

EAT. Okay, I know this one might be a given, but during times of high stress, it is especially important to be reminded of the little things, like snacks. It is so easy to forget to eat when you are focusing so much of your day on completing school work. You are going to need to fuel your body with whole foods during these times to ensure you have enough energy to get through all of your assignments. Try to eat foods that are high in protein as opposed to sugary foods that will result in you crashing. 

SLEEP. Again, this is possibly another given, but sleep is so important, especially when preparing for finals. Sleep is often looked at as the enemy when trying to complete a lot of school work because it disrupts your work. Instead, it should be looked at as another tool for success. Rather than pulling an all-nighter, allow yourself to sleep, as you will likely complete better quality work if you do so. You need to allow yourself 8-9 hours of sleep per night to function for the day ahead. Sleep will aid you in concentration and will up your energy levels.

As simple as these tips might be, they serve as important reminders during finals. They are often things that get overlooked, when they are actually key factors in prioritizing yourself and your health. Trust me, I understand how overwhelming these times are, but you got this. Keeping these tips in mind will help you finish this school year healthy, and happy. Good luck!

Rayana is a Sophomore at Lasell University studying Communication with a concentration in Journalism and Media Writing as well as Marketing. Rayana works in the Undergraduate Office of Admissions as a Blue Key Society Ambassador, and is a senior writer for the university's newspaper, The 1851 Chronicle.
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