Powerful Women of Lasell: Ajea Stupart

Today’s featured Powerful Woman of Lasell is junior Ajea Stupart. Hailing from Hyde Park, Ajea is involved with the 1851 Chronicle and the International Club. When she’s not on campus working in Brennan Library or in class, Stupart is super busy off campus. Between working as a sales associate at Macy’s in the men’s department and spending hours as a customer service representative for MiniLuxe, a high-end nail salon, Stupart also writes for multiple outlets. She is a style writer for Ms. Vixen Magazine, an online media outlet that is “a place for women that discusses health, beauty, and lifestyle.” Stupart researches trends, writes and promotes articles while also adding to the magazine's social media. She is an intern and contributor for SoGutsy, a digital publication for independent artists, where she creates the social media calendar and content month to month, interviews artists and writes articles. If that wasn’t enough, Stupart is also the fitness and health writer for Pretty Girls Sweat, “an amazing platform that encourages women to make fitness fun, unites and empowers girls through the power of fitness, provides workout classes and cultivates a community of active female students.” She also does some freelance photography, which she is hoping to advance even more this summer.

Although that may have left your head spinning, it is all in a days work for Ajea. This self-proclaimed optimist knows she has so much to be thankful for, but as for one of her top accomplishments she cites her education. “I think one accomplishment that I am very proud of is not only attending college, being on the tip of graduating but maintaining Dean’s List each year at Lasell. Being able to go to school in general is an opportunity not afforded to many people, but I know I am making my parents very proud.” 

Through all of these accomplishments Stupart looks to many women, past and present for inspiration. “One person that I am really inspired by is Maya Angelou. She was such a prolific author, poet, civil rights activist and literary genius. Angelou experienced a series of obstacles throughout her life and career, but she never stopped working or even writing. On days that I don’t feel encouraged, she reminds me to remember why I started doing the things I love.” And although they are big shoes to fill, Stupart gives advice to those as ambitious as her, saying, “Keep working, keep striving, uplift one another and don’t give up. The hard work and the long hours you put in now are going to pay off in the long run. Don’t get caught up in other people’s success, you are the author of your own life and your own story—your time will come. Stay true to yourself and the things that make you unique, creative and different. Lastly, surround yourself with positive and goal-oriented people that are trying to go places, see new things and support your dreams.”

Peers of Ajea wonder why the immensely hardworking and well-spoken woman chose Lasell, which Stupart responds with being influenced by two very important ladies in the Communication Department, Professor Marie Campagna-Franklin and Professor Erin Vicente. “I remember them both telling me that if I went to Lasell, they would take me under their wings and guide me because they saw that I had potential to succeed.” But what sealed the deal? “I came back to Lasell for a final run through during the summer, just to secure my decision, when I ran into Professor Vicente she immediately remembered my name and what we talked about months prior. The fact that she could remember my name meant that I would be a good fit at Lasell and indeed saw what I could offer to the community.” 

It is obvious why Ajea was chosen to be featured this week. She puts a crazy amount on her plate, does everything with passion and still looks fabulous while doing it.