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The week of October 14-20 was Lasell’s Spirit week filled with activities of laser tag, karaoke, a chicken nugget eating competition, and more. One of the activities was completely female orientated: the powderpuff football game. 
Powderpuff football is derived from the popular sport football, but is girl friendly as there is no physical contact. The sport is played as flag football. Each of the games were played in half hour intervals. 
The first game started was the freshman against the sophomores.  The two classes were well prepared for the game, having practiced before. The game heated up quickly, the freshmen taking the lead. The freshmen won.
The second game was between the juniors and the seniors.  Each class had a small team up until the games started, and neither team had practiced before playing.  The junior class was able to pull out and win the round of the game. 
“At first we were just playing for fun, and then sh*t got real,” said junior Denise Archetto.
The two winning contestants, the freshman and the juniors, challenged each other to the championship game.  The ending score was tied 7-7.  
“Overall it was a great experience to play, there are some things that can be done differently for next year to improve, but it was a lot of fun.  I would definitely do it again next year,” said junior Mary Fontaine.  
Lasell College junior studying journalism and communications.
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