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Plants to Keep in Your Low-Light Dorm Room

As a college student, you may not be able to choose a dorm room with more or less light. Because I am now living in the basement of a dorm building, I needed to switch my plants from flowering beauties to leafy green plants. Below I have listed a few ideas of some plants that you can keep when there is less light in your space. 


  1. Dragon Tree – This is a tropical-looking plant that has dark green leaves with red accents. It takes up some space, but it’s a great statement piece if you have some extra room. It likes some bright light, but it shouldn’t be direct as that will dry out the leaves. It should be misted especially in the winter to keep it happy.

  2. Cast Iron Plant – As the name suggests, the cast iron plant is a really tolerant plant and is great for new plant parents. They can grow in the shade (or low-light) and it only needs to be watered when it dries out. 

  3. Devil’s Ivy – This is a very popular houseplant because it can grow even in bad conditions. It can grow in dim light, and it doesn’t need much water. It can handle neglect because of its resilience!

  4. Christmas Cactus – This isn’t just for Christmas, but the bright pink flowers coupled with the dark green leaves may give you that thought! These plants require little water and indirect light. 


These plants may only need low-light, but they can light up your dorm room! Each of them is relatively easy to care for, making them a great addition to your space.

Anna is from Maine and is studying fashion at Lasell.
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