Paris Hilton Announces New Album

2006 was a simpler time; not so ironic pop music was all the rage and ‘06 brought some of the best, including Paris Hilton’s self-titled album. Surprisingly, Hilton was good at music, and not good in a “she’s so stupid, it’s funny” kind of way, like with her TV series The Simple Life but actually good.

The album gave us bangers, like her debut single “Stars are Blind” and follow up “Nothing in This World”. She even put the album out through her own label, appropriately called Heiress Records through Warner Brothers. Hilton had finally found her niche and the world was patiently waiting for her second album.

It took 11 years, but Hilton has finally announced a second album is coming. In an interview with Time, Hilton revealed what she has been up to since and what to expect from her new album. Turns out Hilton’s been dipping into various types of business including 23 perfumes and 19 different product lines. She’s even found herself in the family business and plans to open her second self-branded hotel soon. Hilton hasn’t left music behind though, her most notable gig has been DJing. Hilton is reportedly the highest paid female DJ in the world.

Hilton’s second album will be a departure from her bubblegum debut and is said to be influenced by her DJ career, describing her sound as deep house, techno-pop and electro-pop. Hilton cites Katy Perry, Michael Jackson and Madonna as some of her biggest influences. Unfortunately, no other information on her sophomore album, including a release date, have been given yet.