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Our Favorite Skincare Products of Quarantine

 I’ve never been the type of person to have a set skincare routine. I would always wash my face in the shower and sometimes here and there do a face mask or some type of skin treatment. Over the last few months, I have taken better care of my skin and have noticed a huge difference.

 During the first couple of months of the pandemic, I wasn’t wearing makeup as often as I wasn’t working with the public, and the mask either hide it or wipes it off anyway. However, I started using the brand CeraVe as I saw it being mentioned a lot on TikTok. So I started using the foaming facial cleanser in the shower for normal to oily skin as that matches best with my skin. Another product I use from CeraVe is a facial moisturizing lotion meant for nighttime and I use it before bed after removing my makeup. I’ve noticed fewer breakouts and my skin isn’t as oily even when wearing make up. Not to mention that these products are inexpensive and affordable and can be found at a wide range of stores from Ulta to Target. 

   Another brand I’ve started using is The Ordinary. I especially like these products as their inexpensive as well as cruelty-free and vegan. I have two products from this brand so far and one is a weekly peeling solution I put on my face and another one that’s meant for morning and night. I put it on before my make up in the morning and after I take it off before putting on my CeraVe Lotion. Using these products has made my skin more clear, less oily, and overall feeling fresher and healthier. I definitely recommended these products and would most definitely try other products within either brand.  

Kaylee Bickford is a Junior at Lasell University studying psychology. She is also a member of Class Committee as the Junior Class Treasurer and CAB. A few fun facts about her are; she absolutely loves sloths, obsessed with her birthday, and Christmas is her favorite holiday. Her instagram can be found at @kaylee_bickford.
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