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Old, New, Latest, and Greatest Films with Emalee: Bird Box

Welcome to Her Campus Lasell’s movie reviews with our writer and President, Emalee, where we are going to review the classics and the latest and greatest in film. So grab some popcorn and let’s see if this movie is worth seeing. Do not worry there will be *no spoilers* in this article.

Birdbox directed by Susanne Bier is a horror/sci-fi film that was released to Netflix in 2018, so yes I know I am a little late to this one. However, since I have had more time to watch movies recently, I decided to give it a go. This is definitely one that you have to like scary movies to enjoy this one. Sandra Bullock is a great actress and once again has a great performance. It was originally a novel by Josh Malerman, which could be an interesting quarantine read.

Without giving too much away, basically what happens is some mysterious force takes over the world population if someone looks at it. Anytime people want to go outside they cannot look if they want to survive and that is really the only aspect that they know about this force. The movie starts with Malorie, played by Bullock traveling down a river for two days with two kids without being able to see. They are trying to get to a safer place and this place really is not explained until the end of the movie. There are many flashbacks throughout seventy-five percent of the movie until it is brought up to the present day.

This was a really well-made movie and I liked how it ended, I really thought it was going to have a disappointing ending and thankfully it did not. It did not get that great of reviews which is really surprising, but I would definitely recommend it if you like scary movies. My rating would be a 9/10.

Emalee is a Senior at Lasell University and the President of Her Campus Lasell. She is currently a Campus Community Management Intern for Her Campus! She is a Fashion Merchandising and Management major and a Communications minor. Besides Her Campus, she is the President of Newman Society, loves taking photos, going for hikes, and going to the beach.
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