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The Office Christmas Episodes Ranked

Christmas is right around the corner and that means it is time to binge-watch The Office Christmas episodes! One of the best recurring bits in The Office is the Dunder Mifflin annual Christmas party. These seven episodes are debatably some of the funniest and best episodes in the entire series. Fun fact there are only seven Christmas episodes because the first season was really short because they did not know how the show would do and season four does not have a Christmas episode because the season was interrupted by the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike. For some laughs, we recommend watching all the Christmas episodes, but this is our list from least favorite to all-time favorite, starting with number seven:


7) Christmas Wishes (Season 8, 2011)

This is the first Christmas episode without Michael, so that makes it lose some points. Andy tries his hardest with trying to make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true. He is being his usual self in trying to make everyone like him. He buys Dwight an acre of property on the moon and he offers to be Meredith’s designated driver, because to no one’s surprise, she drinks too much. She is not the only one to drink too much, Erin does as well and she expresses her true feelings about Jessica, Andy’s newest girlfriend. Since she is drunk, one the worst characters, Robert California offers her a ride home. He is significantly older than her and nothing happens between them, but it is implied that he wants something to happen between them and there are just creepy vibes. 


6) Dwight Christmas (Season 9, 2012)

Again, another Christmas without Michael. Also, no Kelly, Ryan, and their drama! Jim and Pam are also at their low point. Jim is about to start his new job in Philadelphia and Pam is not thrilled about the possibility of moving their family and her job. Dwight’s Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas was not everyone’s ideal Christmas, but it does bring some laughs. Especially when he dresses up as Belsnickel, which fun fact, is actually a real Saint Nicholas–type figure in Germany and not made up. Like I said Dwight brings some laughs, but enough to save the episode. I am nigh!

5) Secret Santa (Season 6, 2009)

This surprisingly is not the secret Santa turned Yankee swap episode you are probably thinking of, we are going to rate that one higher. This is the one where Michael throws a fit because Phyllis is Santa and not him. He throws a fit and still dresses up as Santa and then protests by throwing his hat in the punch bowl. The only interesting part is when David Wallace lets everyone know their jobs are saved, even though they are selling the company. Andy surprising Erin with the 12 days of Christmas adds some interest, but they are some dangerous gifts. 


4) A Benihana Christmas (Season 3, 2006)

A portion of this episode takes place outside of the office, following Michael, Dwight, Jim, and Andy to Benihana for lunch, hence the name. They want to get Michael’s mind off his recent breakup with Carol, who in real life is his wife. Michael proceeds to get drunk, surprise Meredith is not the one who is drunk in this Christmas episode. It is funny when Pam and Karen form an alliance against Angela and her “Nutcracker Christmas.” However, the best part is when Michael Photoshops his head onto Carol’s ex-husband’s body in a family ski trip picture and sends it as his Christmas card! Also, when Michael listens to the 30-second iTunes preview of “Goodbye My Lover” by James Blunt over and over again, but does not buy it.


3) Moroccan Christmas (Season 5, 2008)

This is a fantastic episode, but the next two are debated even better. However, this episode wins the award for best Christmas cold open and best Christmas prank, featuring Dwight falling into his gift-wrapped desk by Jim, which his desk was not actually there. Speaking of Meredith, this is her infamous moment where she gets so drunk, she sets her hair on fire while dancing. This party turns into an intervention. Michael tricks Meredith into going to rehab because she thinks they are going to a bar. She is refusing that she has a problem and she pulls one of the best Meredith scenes where she and Michael are standing in the parking lot and she just goes, “wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute” and the books it. This episode ends on an awkward note when Phyllis announces that Angela, who is engaged to Andy, is having an affair with Dwight.


2) Christmas Party (Season 2, 2005)

This is the OG Christmas episode where secret Santa turns into Yankee swap because Michael is not pleased with his gift of homemade oven mitts from Phyllis. There was a $20 limit, but Michael decided to buy an iPod, which was $400! This is also a defining moment in Jim and Pam’s relationship where Jim gives her a teapot filled with “bonus gifts” that are memories and inside jokes. Kevin drew his own name and treated himself to a foot bath. This episode lays the groundwork for tons of recurring Christmas-episode jokes: a bizarre gift exchange; somebody getting a little too drunk, Angela taking her duties as head of the Party Planning Committee too seriously, and Michael throwing a tantrum when things don’t go his way. To make up for his tantrum he buys fifteen bottles of vodka for the rest of the party, even though corporate does not allow alcohol at parties.


1) Classy Christmas (Season 7, 2010)

I love Michael and Holly, that is why I have to make it number one! This episode is the return of Holly because Toby gets called on jury duty for the “Scranton Strangler.” Michael is still in love with Holly, so everything has to be perfect! Even though Holly is still dating AJ, she gives him an ultimatum that if they are not engaged by New Year’s they are breaking up. Pam makes Michael feel better by telling him no healthy marriage starts on an ultimatum. Even though Michael, previously jumped fast into relationships, he was right when he knew it was love at first sight with Holly. He does anything to make the perfect party for Holly, he is his best self when he is around her. It takes Holly a little longer to realize, but they are both so goofy and so perfect for eachother. 

What do you think of our list? Let us know if you agree or disagree with our list!

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