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New Sizes For Monday Swimwear

With the realization that sizing rules do not, in fact, fit all, swimwear line Monday Swimwear made the executive decision to eliminate their XL and XXL sizing. In their place, the curators donned a new size “V,” standing for the word “voluptuous.” In an effort to promote body positivity, this V is meant to combat the idea that if an individual does not fit into an XS or small that they are not beautiful.



As said by the founders, “we are both an XS and an XL depending on what brand we’re wearing, sizing definitions must be more fluid than that – or something seriously weird is going on with our bodies…” ‘

They see individuals struggling to get past the idea previously instilled in their heads that the larger the size reads, the increase in beauty loss.  Their mission is to dispel this theory if only through their swimwear. In addition to the V’s, Monday Swimwear carries size “P” which is the equivalent to an XS. The sizing also ranges from AA to E cups which, if you have been in tune with anything this century, is rare.


Usually places will specialize in one end of the spectrum over the other. It is nice to see them taking a stab at all-inclusive swimwear.



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