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Need A Last Minute V-Day Gift? She’s The First Lasell Has You Covered

Is it just me or do all holidays creep up on us? If you tend to fall into this group of forgetting presents, not to worry--Lasell’s chapter of She’s The First has you covered for Valentine’s Day. This Monday, Feb. 12, STF Lasell will be tabling outside Valentine Dining Hall (how appropriate) from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. selling homemade mason jar hot chocolates that are straight off your “Some Day...” Pinterest board. Perfect to spoil your roommate or best friend, make an excuse to stay in and watch movies with your SO, or just to spoil yourself!

And what’s more, 100 percent of the sales’ proceeds go towards sponsoring girls’ education in developing countries. Thanks to fundraisers like this, Lasell’s chapter of STF has been able to sponsor four girls in Nepal and Tanzania in just the past year. If you’re interested, these are $5 a piece and worth every penny, and the opportunities for more Pinterest crafts with the mason jar it comes in are endless. Take care of your Valentine’s Day presents and send a girl to school for a year all at once! What more could you want?

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