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My Updated Makeup Bag: What Got Me Through The Summer

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Throughout the summer, I’ve been struggling to keep my makeup on (much like many others). Now, I honestly didn’t think I would have this problem because I have struggled with dry skin my whole life. But I may have done a little oopsie and hydrated my skin so much in the winter months. After a trip to the dermatologist, I found out that although some of my skin was overhydrated, I still had some areas that were drier than the Sahara Desert. So now, I have dry combination skin, and I have been on the hunt to make my base routine basically bulletproof to combat this problem. Honestly, I think I’ve finally cracked the code for not only the perfect base, but the perfect face. Because I refuse to gatekeep, here is my updated makeup bag that got me through the summer and continues to have my back as fall and winter start creeping up around the corner. 

The Base: 

Before I start my base routine, I like to use skincare just to prep my skin to receive all the products I’m about to put onto it. After that, I use the Elf Power Grip Primer +Niacinamide. This gives my face extra hydration for the drier areas, as well as fill my pores and make my makeup products really stick to my skin. Next, as it starts drying, I start to put the Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Concealer under my eyes and on any spots I want to conceal around my face. After that, I put on my brow gel from Unleashia and let that halfway dry before I brush them in my desired shape. Finally, I blend out my concealer and set it with the KimChi Chic Puff Puff Pass Setting Powder. This keeps everything locked in, and for the extra added layer of protection I spray my Milani Setting Spray over the powder. 


Next, I move onto my cheeks. This is kind of straight forward, but for the most part I use a liquid blush (specifically the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush) to create a seamless base for my blush. Then I set that with the Colourpop Heart Blushers and apply my KimChi Chic x Trixxie Mattel Highlighter on top. 

Before I finish my makeup with my favorite pair of lashes, I do my lips. For this, I use the NYX Shine Loud Lipstick as a lip liner because it truly does not move. But instead of using lip gloss at the other end, I’ve been really liking the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Riri.

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