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Every day we get dressed and make unique choices on what we want to express to the world. What we wear says a lot about who we are, how we are feeling, and where we are at. I have gone through many stages in life, where I have had different styles, and different thoughts about my body and how clothes made it look. Where I am today is comfortable and confident, and my goal when I’m getting dressed is to look clean, and put-together, and to look like I put care into my whole look. Below are some of my top places to get clothes that are friendly for my style and taste, as well as my budget. 

  1. TJ Maxx

You can’t go wrong with TJ Maxx (or Marshalls). They have everything you could need. It may take a little while to search through their selection, but you’ll never leave empty-handed. My favorite pair of jeans right now I always get complimented on and people always react the same when I tell them they are from TJMaxx. They have great stuff, at great prices, you can’t beat it. I will say one downfall is that the men’s selection is slimmer than the women’s, so when I’m shopping for others it becomes more difficult. 

  1. Macy’s

I know what you’re thinking, what? I know I am biased on this one. My entire life has involved Macy’s because of my mom’s job, and I have always been getting clothes, shoes and cosmetics from Macy’s. I know this is a bit of a pricier option, but with the discount, I can get, it has always been a good option for me. Not only do they have a huge selection of both men’s and women’s clothes, but they also have a great selection of shoes, accessories, and an entire home section. Also if you haven’t heard of or checked out Macy’s Backstage, you should, it’s all Macy’s products, but at Marshalls-esque prices. 

  1. American Eagle Outfitters

I know I know, this is a very basic, but classic to my youth, store. I get a lot of my staple pieces here; chunky sweaters, and cute crop tops, and they do have a lot of good options for all your denim needs. The one downfall is their options are a bit pricey, one pair of jeans can be $65.00. I do not have the budget for bulk shopping at this store, but if I get asked about gift cards for shopping, I always say AEO because I love their clothes. The saving grace of this store for me is that their clearance rack/selection is always stacked full. There are lots of options in or out of seasons, good size variations, and it’s always full. Even the online clearance is amazing too.

  1. Any Thrift Store

The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Savers, Plato’s Closet, or any thrift store, I am game to spend hours scouring racks on racks of clothing that is affordable. All these racks are stuffed to the brim with so many options, older fashioned, vintage, any and everything you could think of. Not only do thrift stores have options for everyone, but they are also a much greener option for the planet than buying new clothes. I love thrift stores too because they bring originality into your wardrobe. Imagine the unique gems you could find that may not even be in any store anymore. I love the feeling of when someone compliments my item and I can tell them I got it at a thrift store, and vice versa if I compliment someone and their piece is thrifted too.

Hi! Im a junior at Lasell University majoring in interdisciplinary studies with a focus in education curriculum and a minor in fashion design. Im interested in books, drawing, language, and Im very excited for people to read and hopefully enjoy my work!