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Girl in Red is a 25-year-old, Norwegian singer-songwriter. She is very talented, has amazing vocals, and is able to express herself well through her music. In her songs you can hear her emotion, and a story along with most of the lyrics. The lesbian community very loves her, as she writes a lot about woman-loving-woman relationships and experiences that may be relatable for others within that community. 

Girl in Red performed the first night of her new tour, I’m Doing it Again, Baby!, at MGM Music Hall in Boston. This show was exciting, especially being on the main floor, near the stage. With her fan base mainly being people of the LGBTQ+ community, the energy felt very positive and inclusive. It was refreshing being able to see lots of couples feel safe and welcomed in one big room. 

Let’s talk setup

The lighting of the venue was very LED, with lots of reds and blues. I liked that her stage setup was not too hectic, with a lot going on. It was rather more mellow, and personalized. She even stated that the props were based on the lamps in her room at home. There was a large screen behind her and the band was playing images displaying her live, so everyone could see. 


I loved all of the songs that Girl in Red decided to play, and the order they were in. Being the first show she played, all of the songs were a surprise, as there was no set list yet. She played two of my favorites in a row: October Passed Me By, and we fell in love in october. She also played songs from her new album, which was released about a week before this show. Even though I didn’t know all of those songs yet, she was so good at performing that it did not matter. I was able to bounce and bop my head to the upbeat music and sway to the slower songs. I enjoyed listening to the words, as she is a very talented lyricist. 


I love being able to connect with the artist I am seeing and almost feel their energy from wherever I am in the audience. Girl in Red brought really good vibes to the stage. She made her audience laugh through jokes and stories in between songs. She was also dancing and shaking her head while singing perfectly. Also, at the end of her show, she climbed down into the pit and sang while walking through it. 

It is safe to say that I will be continuing to listen to Girl in Red, and when she goes on tour near me again, I will be attending.

Hello! My name is Olivia Prisco and I am a Psychology Major at Lasell University in the class of 2026. I am from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and I enjoy writing, playing tennis, and watching comedies. I am excited to be a part of the HER Campus community.