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My Pros and Cons of Going to a Small College

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

As it comes down to decision time for most high school seniors, it brings me back to what I was personally considering when choosing from my options. I was lucky enough to get accepted to all the schools I applied to, which made the decision harder. What I did to make my choice was a pros and cons list for each school. So here are my pros and cons that helped me decide what small college to attend.


With small class sizes, your professors can get to know you better. This helps if you are having trouble on campus, in your classes, and more. You are not just a number to them, so they are more likely to care about your success. I have had many meaningful conversations with my professors, which helped me become more comfortable approaching them with an issue.

You don’t have very long walks to get about anywhere. Walking isn’t always a problem, but when it’s cold (or below freezing), or when you’re running late… it’s a lot better only to have a two-minute walk to class.

It’s easier to get closer to friends because they are who you hang out with the most. There aren’t always countless options of friends, or fake ones, to choose from. The bonds I have made on this campus have been incredible, and being on a small campus has made it even easier.

It feels so much safer. I feel more comfortable walking when it’s dark because it’s not that far of a walk. Even though it is a small campus, there are various resources to protect the students. 


Sometimes, there is nothing to do on campus. I have spent countless hours sitting in my dorm because nothing is happening on campus. In most cases, being in a small school means there are fewer activities going on. 

The dining hall options are slim, and you won’t have many seating areas. This means there will be days when the food does not hit the same. On top of that, there will be plenty of times that the tables are PACKED. This is not particularly fun when you’re trying to grab a quick lunch between classes, but now you’re stuck standing in a line.

If you have a problem with someone on campus, you will see them everywhere. By that, I mean everywhere. If you have one bad interaction with someone on a small campus, it feels like you see them every time you leave your dorm. Yes, being on a small campus helps make friends easier, but my friends and I have also realized we see those people we have difficulty with almost every day.

More often than not, college feels like high school to me. It’s cliquey, people act like children, and hygiene problems are still huge. I graduated and forgot that going to another small school would be identical to the previous four years.

With all that being said, I love being on a small campus. Sometimes, it will feel as if there are more bad things than good, but it truly feels like home.

Carley Ellis

Lasell '26

Carley is a member and events director of HerCampus, she is a forensic science major in her sophomore year at Lasell University. She is also a member of other clubs on campus such as the Forensic Science Association. In her spare time she likes to read, play video games, and pick up new hobbies such as doing her own nails.