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Omg, when people talk about Ikea they are not exaggerating. If you’ve never been, it truly is like a Disney world experience. It is a Pinterest girls’ wonderland. 

First off, I suggest going with someone who has already been and knows where to go because it can get a little confusing. 

My favorite parts are the little staged rooms. If you want to visualize what a piece of furniture would look like in a space this is perfect. The first area is all living room spaces. I walked past a bunch of made-up rooms and constantly found myself going “OMG I love this room” or “ooh this would be a cute little apartment” or “oh wow this gadget is so cool,” some of the features on the furniture are super cool too!

My next favorite area was the kitchen space. I absolutely love a pretty and organized kitchen. I have a whole Pinterest board for my future kitchen. I love it. I would pretend that it is my own kitchen, and I would sit at the island or pretend to cook with all the stuff.

Now all I need is a million dollars and I could make my perfect home. However, I will say their prices for everything are pretty reasonable. 

Now to recap my purchases… I got an actual bed. My whole life I always had a twin bed, up till now, at 20 years old. The bed I’ve had for the longest time used to be the top bunk of my older brother’s bunk bed, lovely right? Anywho, now I have this super cute queen bed with pullout drawers underneath and the headboard has a shelf on it and from the side has little cubbies. 

I also got some cute moose pasta and tiny kid bowls to use as perfect snack bowls!

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