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My Favorite Quotes From All the Dangerous Things

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Recently, I read the novel All the Dangerous Things by Stacy Willingham. I had gotten it through the subscription Book of the Month, where every month you choose a single book out of seven options. All of the Dangerous Things wasn’t the usual kind of book that I read, it was a thriller rather than fantasy or horror. However, I was extremely curious about the plot.

A brief summation is that Isabelle Drake’s son Mason is kidnapped one night, and ever since then, she cannot sleep- at all. Even when the case goes cold, she continues to talk about him in hopes that someone will know something. As a last resort, she agrees to an interview with a true-crime podcast.

Simply put, the book is amazing and I am definitely going to seek out more of Willingham’s books. But, the main part of this article is my favorite quotes from the books. So let’s get to those!

Pg. 9: “Because that’s the thing with the audience, the thing I learned long ago: They don’t want to get too uncomfortable. They don’t want to actually live through what I’ve lived through, every ugly moment. They just want a taste.”

Pg. 18: “And then there are the creatures of the night. The living things, like myself, that crawl out of their hiding spots and come alive in the absence of others.”

Pg. 43: “The flash from the camera has done something strange to their eyes, making them look even more ravenous. Making them glow. They look like they want to devour me whole and lick the blood from my bones.”

Pg. 82: “Nobody ever stops to wonder what happens in the dark of night, all the things that take place when the world is unconscious… We just assume that when we fall asleep, the world does, too. We expect it to resume exactly as it was in the morning, untouched. Unbothered. As if life just stops because we have.”

Pg. 146: “Something is wrong. I know something is wrong. I can sense it, a throbbing in my bones, like waking up after a growth spurt. Like my body is threatening to rip straight through the skin.”

Pg. 214: “But now that he had me, I felt myself starting to tarnish in his eyes, like a piece of fine jewelry left alone for too long.”

Pg. 251: “I always thought she was saying that he didn’t understand what it was like living with me, dealing with me. That she was afraid of me. But that wasn’t the case. That wasn’t the case at all. She was afraid of herself.”

Pg. 295: “A shell of a thing crawling through life with hazy eyes and a mind hinging on madness, like I’m one small stumble away from losing it completely.”

Pg. 315: “There was something wrong with me. Something dark and toxic traveling through my veins. Something evil that that house injected me with, a deadly venom that turned my eyes to stone.”

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