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One thing about me is I’m going to smell good. Because of this, I’ve tried so hard to find some nice, affordable perfumes that align with my favorite scents. As a girl on a budget, it’s super hard to find long-lasting fragrances that aren’t super pricey. Now, I know that everyone has their budgets and that some may find the maximum price for perfume being $50 unacceptable, but I honestly feel like perfume is an investment and a luxury. So if you want a nice perfume and have the funds, I’d say go for it! If you’re having a difficult time finding out what your scent is and don’t have much money to spend, this is just the list for you. 

Personally, I really enjoy scents that have an overall warm tone to them. But for undertones, I tend to lean more fruity, floral, or gourmand. Based on these, I’ve broken down a list of perfumes that I’ve owned or tried that fit under these categories and are under $50.


When thinking of this list, the first thing that came to mind was the brand Le Monde Gourmand. This brand can be found on Amazon, Urban Outfitters, and their personal website; the longevity is insane. I’ve even found them at TJMaxx and Marshalls for almost half the price! My top ones from the brand are:

Pistachio Brulee – Gourmand Hair + Body Mist (3.4 fl. oz.) $26

Creme Vanille – Le Jumbo (2.8 fl. oz.) $36, Standard (1.0 fl.oz.) $25

Lait de Coco – Gourmand Hair + Body Mist (3.4 fl. oz.) $26,  Le Jumbo (2.8 fl. oz.) $36, Standard (1.0 fl.oz.) $25

Additionally, I wanted to mention the Billie Eilish ‘Eilish’ perfume as it’s only $48 and literally smells like heaven. 


This category is one of my favorites, as it has my favorite brand to get affordable perfumes: Dossier. Now, not to promote them too much but when I first started discovering my scent, this was my go-to store. It is an online retailer, but as of recently, they’ve expanded to your local Walmart, so no more paying for shipping and handling! Other than that, they have so many scents to the point that any and every person can find their go-to. To get back on track, these are my favorite fruity scents: 

Dossier’s Fruity Almond  – ( fl. oz.) $29

Dossier’s Ambery Cherry (personal favorite)  – ( fl. oz.) $49

Le Monde Gourmand’s Peachcello Petillant – Gourmand Hair + Body Mist (3.4 fl. oz.) $26

Palm Beach Beaute So Obvi Perfume (NOTE: this perfume is harder to find since it is now only sold at TJMaxx and Marshalls) – ( 3.4 fl. oz.) $14


When looking through my collection of perfumes, I realized a lot of them are marked as non-floral scents but to me leaned a little warm and vice versa. So for this I only have a few: 

Dossier’s Floral Marshmallow (more of a warm scent) – ( fl. oz.) $39

Dossier’s Floral Lavender (true floral) – ( fl. oz.) $29

Ari by Ariana Grande – ( 1.0 fl. oz.) $45

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